Eating Better: Adding Soy and Selenium to the daily diet.

So I’m on day 4 of my “eat better” diet and I’ve lost a lot of face fat, and midsection fat, and even cleared my complexion while doing so. I quietly jotted down what a doctor was saying on a Japanese health show I watched many weekends ago. It took me some time to really sit down and commit to what he said. Here was his advice he said eat less junk food possibly minimal eat little meat because it takes longer to digest and process in your system and he basically went on to say eat foods that are fermented(kimchi, miso)eat soy or other veggies and eat mushrooms and yogurt. I had at one point given up yogurt and all dairy thanks to the celebrity buzz but I’ve always loved yogurt so I do mostly greek yogurt now because they do lower sugar ones!

I can slip right into my once too tight jeans! Buying healthier groceries never felt so easy and good!