I Almost Forgot: I Did Start Using itcosmetics secret sauce again!

If I haven’t said it enough in the past, it cosmetics’ secret sauce was one of my favorite moisturizers mostly because its one of those day or night types it makes your skin glow and it smells fantastic. I put on too much today but I used it yesterday evening and today. When I don’t take good care of my skin, you can see it. In other words, make sure when you do take off your makeup use an oil or thick gel before the cleanser incase anything is left because it will jack up your pores. When I did the Clinique take the day off oil, the beste cleanser and followed it with the secret sauce cream my skin looked fantastic. I wasn’t even wearing any makeup yet my skin was looking the best it did in quite some time. Letting you ladies and gents know the now carry the travel size jar at the checkout at your local Sephora(locations may vary but I saw them they are about $19-22 if im not wrong tiny but worth a try) because I don’t have any makeup on I can just sleep any minute which is fantastic. I can’t stop raving when I talk about this cream esp because my skin is so reactive to products and dry. This cream covers both issues. I actually thought it was discontinued but no it is sold at Sephora for sure its where I bought my full size jar.

November 2017 Empties.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O 16.7 fl oz

Lucas papaw ointment25g

Koh Gen Do cleansing spa water -travel sized

Dermalogica precleanse balm

Benefit rollerlash brown

sampled: L’occitane immortelle oil makeup remover


Review: dr brandt XYY A3 foaming cleanser

I bought this months ago when there was a discount being offered at a store. I own the 5oz version and its very easy to use. You can use it on your dry or wet face, 1-2 pumps then wash and it says its good for removing makeup too. Ever since I started taking double cleansing seriously my skin is back to looking clearer. If I’ve taken off all of my makeup the prior night, I just wet my face and wash my face in the morning with this cleanser right now. There is no burning sensation so that’s already great. It smells of fresh orange peels. If you like citrus or clean scents its for you. Might be good for acne prone people too. I think there is a reason why Dr Brandt is my favorite all time skincare line.

July 2017 Empties

Kikumasamune uruoi nihonshyu- face mask(so here’s the thing I was all in on the k beauty masks until I realized how much I was forking out on individual ones some were 3.50 others higher then I get to a drugstore in Japan and come across resealable 7 sheet ones for under 600-700yen which is an equivalent to 6-7bucks in us dollars I immediately bought a pack of the pink Lululun(for sensitive or dry skin)and ofcourse this Kikumasumene uruoi(which means moisturizing its the pink package and its made with Japanese sake yes…similar to a famous international brand I wont say but its a fraction of the price and very soothing on my skin!)

Neutrogena extra gentle eye makeup remover pads

Neutrogena cleansing towelettes hydrating

Stila stay all day 10 in 1 HD illuminating beauty balm spf30

Oribe conditioner for brilliance and shine(I use a lot of conditioner its crazy)

MAC Fix+

Dr Bronner’s lavender castile soap (a multitasker you can use to clean makeup brushes, your hands when you need a quick wash, an excellent body wash)

Oribe supershine moisturizing cream 1.7oz (I found out there is a light version and the version I use which is for thicker hair)

Evian facial spray 1.7oz

Lanolips all over golden dry skin salve(smells like caramel meets vanilla very rich in texture and works for everything)

samples I used: dermalogica skin smoothing cream, Leonor Greyl masque fleurs de jasmine (not bad but I think I prefer Rahua for this kind of price i’d say try Rahua’s omega 9 one unless you love the scent of jasmine because I sure do!)



My One and Only Desert Island Item

So here and there I’ll cheat and use other products sometimes for the hype sometimes because a packaging or shade. The one and only product I always find myself going back to is the Stila all day 10 in 1 HD illuminating beauty balm. Its my desert island must have. Its so good. I was turned onto Stila years ago when the lip glazes and the tinted moisturizers were out and I tried everything and at the time I was a big fan of their illuminating foundation powder. It was so easy it covered my random acne and uneven-ness and then a dry skin miracle-they come out with bb creams. I tried everything but the bronzing version so both the silver and the illuminating. The original silver for some reason did not give me anything I wanted but the illuminating bb was the perfect yellowish pink gold that complimented my not quite medium but also note fair skintone.

The bb cream smells like heaven and I only need a dab to cover my skin problems. Its the best $38 I will spend on a product. I’m very picky and I prefer to spend less but I forget, repurchase and strangers will go “is that your own skin or is it foundation” and I go neither its stila illuminating beauty balm! The it cosmetics illumination one is quite close in medium but I don’t know if its a tolerance issue and I’m using stila again until my skin improves because with Stila I don’t have any skin problems.


Summer Skin Update.

I noticed everyone is posting on improving skin and I love it. Right now my problem is my acne scars and the random dry patches on my skin. I’m really going back and forth with my skincare but what I noticed is that the best cleanser so far in terms of clearing and improving cleanser wise is the Kate Somerville exfolikate foaming cleanser. It must be the papaya in there. I don’t know if I can invest in another tube of exfolikate but I sure do love the cleanser. It smells like citrus soda candy from Japan.

So i’ll wash with that tone with something nonalcohol right after. They have this budget price sake toner they make in Japan called Kikumasamune. Its amazing. They have 2 styles one a moisturizing one(pink bottle)and an original the white bottle. I use the pink one. I soak a cotton pad with one of the toners on my choice right after I wash my face(recommended by a woman with great skin)and I come out the tub and either use a Dr. Hauschka day cream or something with tata harper and finish with a tata harper eye cream! I’m seriously digging Tata Harper. I want the serum she makes tried the sample and was blown away.