Drugstore Find(s): Thayer’s Witch Hazel Rose Petal Toner & Burt’s Bees Peach & Willow Bark Deep Pore Scrub

The Thayer’s witch hazel rose petal toner was something I always wanted to try, never came across it anywhere I went or missed it and since I saw it I was ecstatic and went you’re coming home with me! Here are my thoughts:

  • contains: glycerine, aloe, witch hazel, rose
  • there is mild stinging like sensation which is with any witch hazel product (I don’t have issues with it)
  • you do smell the rose which is nice
  • I liked it I would recommend it I think this something you may want if you suffer from pore issues, acne because of the ingredients being so good.

This is going to sound awful but prior to the toner, I used the Burt’s Bees Peach& willow bark deep pore scrub. I know its a lot of witch hazel for one night. Here are my thoughts:

  • smells great/fruity
  • very gritty its been a while but I think its grittier than the St. Ives
  • rinsed off nice
  • came out of the tub with a bit of a flush so you’re face is red but I could tell it worked. I think its the craptastic food choices leading to skin issues and this helped
  • would I continue to use this?YES would I recommend it: if you’re not funny about the grittiness than yes!


Japan Drugstore Find (Part 2)

Today I bought:

LuLuLun Moist Gel Cream 1500yen! smells like a mixture of herbs and citrus and its therapeutic when I open and smell it.

Biore makeup removing wipes 10 sheets puprle version which is supposed to deep clean into your pores if makeup is sitting there. 245yen

The resealable LuLuLun face masks 480yen its the burgundy one

and the cheap alternative to SKII also known as kikumasamune pink bottle for people with drier skin types 735yen for a huge pump and instant brightening and moisturizing.

last but not least: biore makeup removing pump type oil 980 yen I believe it was a previous purchase. smells like flowers! 2-3 pumps on dry face add water and viola! I believe the pink is for drier skin types so I got that one.



JAPAN edition: Drugstore Find(s)

Biore nose strips(charcoal + menthol version)black box 10 count 380yen=im guessing is worth about 2-3 bucks give or take in US$ because the dollar is higher

the nose strips are REALLY GOOD. if I were to rate them its a 10/10. I didn’t feel the tingle it promised but it worked wonders it does leave a black mark around your nose. beware!haha

band aids 25 count: 298yen pretty decent doesn’t come off easily so its pretty good. Upset that their packaging is much easier to open the ones in the US sometimes tear the product while you try to open it…and its bumming ya know? I’d repurchase so 7-8/10

unscented liner 62 count (I know its a lot)268yen which is way less than what you’d pay for like other liners in the US huh its very nice too. called KIREI STYLE haha kirei meaning pretty or clean. 10/10 good value

Tissues with Hyaluronic acid 4 pack 138yen. very good for those of us brand name elleair lotion tissue.

DHC cottons which im going with a just about it was under 300yen for the box. This was bought at the DHC store but the lady there gave me 2 samples and I was like….well If….I can the olive oil cleansing oil? and they gave me 2! very nice. used one packet today. The cottons are decent the price is good 8.5/10

eyedrops Rhoto dry eye I believe its called shin-namida rhoto blue lid clear bottom 665yen a little over $5 or so works pretty good no tingles just instant relief. Its not your systane?was it the $15 gel drops but it works good since I’m in their country and its made for Japan and my eyes are dry as heck. 9/10

last but not least: Hadalabo gokujyun hyaluron-eki which is a gel like hyaluronic serum. I believe bought this for 700-800yen it is a huge bottle you squeeze. My skin drinks it up and I use it day and night. Sometimes I switch for the Sunday Riley in flight cream I got through the flight which is running out. I do recommend it. It is perfect to use prior to putting on makeup. This one’s a 8.5/10 Can’t beat the price.

Drugstore Find: Cetaphil Makeup Removing Wipes

Somehow I forgot Cetaphil sold makeup removing wipes and was flipping through a magazine and went I’ve tried just about every brand at the drugstore(atleast the main ones like Neutrogena, simple, POND’S, Burt’s Bees…etc) Here are my thoughts:

  • unscented if there is any scent its probably coming from the ingredients which include chamomile, green tea, and aloe
  • makeup was 90% removed and no harsh scrubbing involved and I’m realistic I don’t think there’s any wipe that can remove all your makeup…and I wear layers of tinted sunscreen or the mineral powders/ and sometimes waterproof eye makeup.
  • towelettes are thick, very moist(yay)
  • no stripping, skin feels refreshed after use
  • 10/10 and would repurchase like, two packs at a time. its made for sensitive skin and it is gentle but effective. this could possibly replace my koh gen do wipes! I mean yes, I’ll purchase Koh gen do wipes but ONLY IN JAPAN because it costs almost 1/3 the price! I highly recommend the Cetaphil makeup removing wipes they are the ones in the lighter color packaging not the one with the thicker plastic lid although I tried those and recommend those for dry days, gym workouts, and well, for when we wake up in the morning and our faces have dust or oil on it PRIOR to cleansing.

Drugstore Find(s)

Pantene sulfate free shampoo which I’ve tried for the first time today and it was really good. Its creamy but not thick or heavy and rinses out nice. At first it almost seemed like there was some product left but I think that was because the shampoo was for dry, damaged hair and it was exactly what I was looking for! It smells fantastic. In my opinion, every Pantene product has smelled fantastic through the years but this one is definitely something I’d repurchase. This could replace one of my more pricey shampoos or both. I’d give it a 10/10.

Onto the Physician’s Formula rose oil lip polish:

smells like cocoa, mint? and hints of rose

you need a little more than some other brands to get the gritty part onto your lips its not as gritty as the tarte one I was used to using but that wasn’t a bad thing

comes in adorable rose gold screw lid jar with matching rose gold spoon/spatula

lips feel smooth after one use

bought it at Walmart for a lot less than what its listed for: $7.99<–can’t beat it.

This one also on my repurchase list.


Drugstore Find:Burt’s Bees lavender & honey hand cream with shea butter

This hand cream was something I bought on a whim. I find myself washing my hands so much that its just always chapped so I like to throw in a hand cream or something almost goopy if that makes sense rich heavy like lucas papaw ointment. This hand cream is 99.0% natural which I think is amazing. Smells of lavender, honey and shea for sure. You will smell the subtle honey and shea but mostly the lavender but its not the strong lavender like some brands carry its milder thanks to the honey. Hands are instantly silky after one use. I know this is going to sound bad but its almost as good as this famous tube style hand cream that costs more…don’t get me wrong I like the brand too but this one is a keeper for the price. Like most Burt’s bees products, a winner.

10/10 because the price was like $5 for 1 oz and you use so little each time. Tube will go a long way.

Drugstore Finds: Winter Edition.

Here are a couple of my current favorites:

*Rhoto dry aid lubricant eye drops(purchased at Rite Aid for under $15)

*Purell hand sanitizing wipes

*Wet ones antibacterial wipes

I have been using the eyedrops daily and it works like a gem. 2 drops per eye and I’m good to go. I feel instant relief. It’s almost as good as the gel drop type I always use and still use but with less goopiness to have to wipe off.

As for the sanitizing wipes they’re both awesome. I throw one or the other in my bag at all times now. The purell version smells incredible its a fresh scent the best smelling wipes I’ve ever smelled actually! Purell version is non-alcohol and has 20 wipes and is resealable

finally the wet ones I like to purchase in the inidividual packaging cause its handy that way there’s two times however many there is in a box(which i’ll have to get back to you on that)this one does contain alcohol but smells good, and is said to get rid of 99.99% of germs and that works for me!

Drugstore Find: Nivea Extended Moisture Body Lotion Pro Vitamin B5

I have a hard time finding good moisturizers/lotions. I generally just slather my legs with a moisturizer or oil during the winter and I put a light amount on during the summer but for some reason my legs are always dry. I had a couple favorites through the years but they never really kept the items(discontinued)or they were in glass bottles(oils) so when I finally found the Malin+Goetz one I was pretty happy. The only downside I have to order online since there’s no M+G store around me. I love everything about it but I had to find a more affordable and can-find-anywhere kinda moisturizer and I came across the Nivea one. I bought this extended moisture body lotion pro vitamin b5 one at Target for $5.29 plus tax. The best part there’s 21 fl. oz smells light and wonderful and it just turns out both the M+G one and Nivea both contain the pro vitamin b5 which works for me!

I’m going to give this 8.5/10 pretty good stuff.


Drugstore Find: L’oreal Blend Artist Concealer Blender

My local Walmart was doing markdowns and after months of debating whether to get L’oreal makeup sponges, I was able to purchase 2 styles. My favorite being the concealer blender.  It comes in a charming turquoise blue color, is smaller than the average makeup sponge but also larger than the beautyblender brand mini pro sponges.

The instructions said I didn’t have to wet the sponge so I tapped on my favorite tarte brand shape tape concealer and it worked great. I own the beauty blender minis but I find they are too small and my fingers are too stubby for them to work right so I prefer the L’oreal brand concealer blender.

Its August: Switching Up Haircare, New Blush

So here’s what I ended up getting: the bumble and bumble curl care sulfate free shampoo, hairdresser’s invisible oil conditioner, a new replacement tube of Stila illuminating beauty balm(the new packaging is less edgy and not my style but..that’s that)and I bought the Revlon Insta-blush in rose gold kiss. The blush color reminds me of the old discontinued one that tarte used to make except less pearly. I’m really digging Revlon’s creamy products and the nail polishes.

I’m probably going to find hip colors and purchase a bunch from Revlon. I really love their simple packaging and high quality polishes. I did see the upcoming OPI Iceland collection and I wanted just about every color but I was like I have to think about this one.