Empties: April 2020

  • Drunk Elephant Beste No.9 cleanser 1 oz
  • Drunk Elephant Sili body lotion (deluxe sample from Sephora) AMAZING!
  • Dermalogica Pre cleanse balm  full size
  • Neutrogena Body Clear grapefruit body wash
  • Dr. Jart+ Dermask Ultra Jet Peeling Solution (2)

sampled: Glossier milky jelly cleanser, r+co television perfect shampoo+conditioner, Dr. Hauschka eye make-up remover, Jurlique radiant skin foaming cleanser, VERSO hand serum with retinol 8, Bamford balancing tonic

Today’s skincare+makeup:

I started the morning off with the red sensitive skin-bioderma micellar water, washed my face with dr. jart teatreement cleanser, followed with the Thayers witch hazel and rose toner(which I think might be too drying together so…i’ll have to choose between dr. jart cleanser or the witch hazel toner) for my makeup I used the Suntegrity 5-in-1 in “light” and added the Glossier. futuredew. For my eyes I used the Glossier. lidstar in Lily, Benefit bag gal bang! mascara in black, and I dabbed some cheek tint by Jillian Dempsey can’t remember the color(i’ll get back to you on it)

I don’t know if I had a food reaction or my skin is so dry from the witch hazel+tea tree mixture so I dabbed on some mint balm dotcom on my chin area which helps.

Review: Dr. Jart Dermask Ultra Jet Peeling Solution

A while back when purchasing a bunch of Dr. Jart items, the store offered many freebies of sheet masks(only in Korea I tell ya)We did purchase a lot of stuff I probably bought $250 worth of assorted things so don’t get the wrong idea and be like hey! Just so you know I wasn’t able to bring my cicapair gel crème and I cried. I did bring the teatreemint moisturizer which I don’t love as much as the cicapair my mom was like “just leave it behind” while she grinned. womp womp womp….

I completely forget that I have these masks sometimes so when I remember or my skin feels bad, blotchy like it needs peeling? or moisture I look around for these gifts I got. Today I used this peeling solution and let me tell ya…….

Here’s how it works it is broken into 2 parts. part 1 you tear off separately its this gritty face scrub like part which you slowly massage on and apply the actually sheet mask which is part 2 (the ingredients are quite impressive and everything you want in an AHA product) unfortunately if you ask me the sheet mask reminds you of nail polish remover the scent is rather strong the scrub part more refreshing…as any AHA product, you don’t put any of the scrub around your eye area and leave the mask on for 3-5 minutes meanwhile you will hear crackling which is really unique makes you realize its working once the time is up you wash off the residue and finish your usual skincare routine. Mine was the Dr. Jart teatreemint moisturizer and my skin is so much brighter and smoother it looks so good actually best its looked since coming here. Highly recommend

10/10 repurchase very likely if sold here…which is what I’m surfing upon finishing this!


Review: Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water Cleansing Water

I really love what Dr. Jart+ is doing with their packaging right now its simple and elegant and I love having them on my sink area/shelves. I had been debating whether to repurchase my usual(that’s the red Bioderma) but saw this while at the Sephora store and was like you know what, why not. It’s $42 so its not cheap by any standards but I’ve generally been very lucky with my this brand. There is 8.45 oz of product, it smells fresh like bergamot or like lemon, makeup comes off smooth and skin looks glowing after use. I mean it was like my skin was “dewy” in a way and I really loved that about the product. No tightening or reactions so Im pretty happy with it. If I rated this I’d give it an 8.5 because I do think it should be priced around $34 because $42 for cleansing water is steep even for me. My friend even joked if it doesn’t “work out” I can gift it to her used. I was like “girl for $42 I have to finish this.” Great product though. The way your skin glows after one use, makes me feel like a goddess. What better way to end the night?

Reviewing: Dr. Jart+ Every Sun Day Sunblock & Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Calming Gel Cream

Today I will post my thoughts on the 2 Dr. Jart+ items. The first product is the “every sun day sunblock.” The sunblock comes in a cute simple white tube with yellow and black writing. The tube is 1.69 oz and really a little goes a long way. My outside packaging/box did say under ingredients that there was both zinc and titanium dioxide. There is a nice pink-beige tint to it and it does not make you look white film-y ghost like if you’re worried. I have had no reactions but it is on the thicker and richer side. Would I repurchase? YES 9/10 would like it to feel less heavy

Now onto the cicapair calming gel cream…I’ve been using this for about 4 days now. I’m never moist enough but really this past 2-3 months of being here my skin is not only dry and still recovering from breakouts and redness. The fact that this cream says “soothes irritated sensitive and sensitized skin” had me saying “yay” one of the first ingredients is “glycerine” and that’s generally a good sign. The cream sends like lavender. The cream is a green bouncy water-like texture. I usually use a nickel size give or take. The tube is 2.7oz and would last for quite some time. Could I buy it again yes…rating is 8/10 could feel more moisturizing just a little bit more. Overall though, no complaints!