Great Customer Service and More.

Today I was talking to this associate at a company about something I needed to get answered and this person was so helpful and sweet if I could give them positive feedback it would be like 110%! My dad came home and was like why are you over-the-top smiling I was like I got good service and I got my shipment! I was able to purchase things on sale-I’m a happy woman. I didn’t go crazy either I just bought a couple things because I ran out or am super close to.

I have to replace my dermalogica precleanse balm and because I’m cutting corners, I’m thinking either the PTR water drench cleanser because it takes off makeup or I’ll get a bottle of the Burt’s bees cleansing oil because I always liked that oil.  Anyone else have recommendations of under $35 makeup removing-cleanser type products for dry/combination skin-possibly sensitive skin I’d appreciate it!