Contrary to what most my friends think, I am MOSTLY a bargain shopper. Some of my friends are like you know I only paid this for the shoes and I’m like don’t get me started on my latest purchase, girl! Most of the time I shop low priced items then purchase nice beauty items and haircare sometimes I’ll even purchase one nice piece of jewelry. I’d been shopping at TJMAXX, Ross(they carry Uggs now and you’ll pay exactly 1/2 the price so not little but way less than retail so if the boot was retailed at 150 you get it for $74.99 I lost my opportunity to purchase a gray pair insert crying emoji!) and Target for most of my clothes and occasionally I’d go to Walmart (yup)where I find really hip but hard to find tank tops and workout gear. I also go to find shocking makeup and nail items at Big Lots and buy in bulk…you wont believe what I’ve purchased  discontinued items from Revlon, some Maybelline…among other things. I never get my nails done and I barely eat out maybe i’ll eat out once a year twice a year tops. I found that the less I ate out, the healthier I was and it saves money! I went from this eat out 2,3 times a week latte drinking(I went to starbucks 3-4 times a week) online clothing shopping addict to who I am now. I like going to the discount stores and meeting hip girls and exchanging opinions I had one girl put this sequined tank around her and I go “if you’re not buying it I AM” and she goes “I’m buying it” You go to a fancy store and occasionally you get that nasty clerk who sees you then avoids you and that really irks me. The one good memory of a nice store was when my best friend and I went to a Nordstrom in the King of Prussia mall. Very nice employee and the three of us were like that shoe salesmen completely gapped us off when we said “can we try the Tory Burch flats” and she was like “you know he’s kind of a d—” or something and the three of us were like bwahaha.

So anyway here’s my highlight of TJMAXX, they sell brands like Tocca, and Bliss but you have to always go check them out because they sell out quick! I bought 2 of my body butters there for $14.99 the jumbo sized ones! They sometimes sell fancy jewelry for a fraction and I just bought my new wallet there! My mom purchased a pair of reading glasses from Celine. She just bought my 2 pairs of OPI polishes one called Do you Lilac it which is so pretty! The OPI polishes are sold for $3.99 each not bad since I pay about 10.50 or more elsewhere! You should definitely stop by to see what’s in at your TJ MAXX.