Diptyque Counter & Wonderful Employee

I believe I haven’t talked about my visit to the Diptyque counter in Japan. I saw how they had this spray EDT bottles lined up in a small area a little off from their actual counter. There you saw a nice lady who asked you which scent you loved. That was a simple question to me, L’ombre Dans L’eau. She tells me there is a 5 pack where I can mix and match the EDP travel sprays(which are very cool by the way)so I ask her “what if I wanted all bottles to be LDL to which she replies “you can do that here.” Talk about being giddy. I bought 5 bottles and gave my mother one. To top my wonderful shopping experience off, the employee gave me a giftbag with the EDP sample, and the body balm(which is a new favorite of mine very rich and moisturizing)

You just never know until you ask. I believe I paid $147- for the 5pc give or take because the dollar is higher in value and I bought it in yen.

Review: Diptyque Centifolia candle

This is new to my collection and current favorite. It’s a somewhat spicy rose just like the description. Previously I bought most of their sweeter, honey and rose type scents but they come off way too sweet and this spice was exactly what I was looking for. Some days I burn it on its own other days I burn it side by side with the Byredo burning rose. I love the color of the glass and the design very hip.

I’d repurchase this candle. I bought the small candle because I wanted to try it first and I absolutely love it. I give this one a 9/10 because it’s diptyque items it’s pricey!

Diptyque “sapine” pine candle

I love winter and all things like cranberry, gingerbread, and pine scented stuff. I finally saved some money and bought the Diptyque “sapine” pine candle (bought the huge one because I’ll be burning it every day)and it hasn’t failed me. After a couple minutes of it being lit, the scent is surrounding you making you feel warm and happy. I just sit there sipping my hot cup of pike place coffee and I feel so happy. The simple things can really make you happy.

I’m so happy with my candle, I’m going to purchase the room spray–thank you Diptyque!

Here’s a Question for You.

This is a question that seems simple but isn’t quite simple and I thought fun exchanging minds if you will.

The question is, if you had a $5 coupon from a nice beauty store what would you buy and why?

I thought about it for some time and here are my choices it was hard narrowing it down but I did a top 5.

1)Sunday Riley good genes and I’d get the bigger bottle because hey its most likely more economical(but i’ll have to check back on that)

2)Bumble and bumble scalp detox really the answer to this one is simple it really feels good on your scalp and after I shampoo it out my hair looks improved in some odd way/fresh looking. No one is offering no $5 discount on bumble and bumble as far as I can tell and the price would be $29 before taxes and hey, that’s pretty cool.

3)Diptyque baies candle original large version or the black version that sells for $95 because with the coupon it is back to the most recent price prior to the price hike at $90 and I’d burn it all the time. I wouldn’t be greedy either I’d use it for the whole house.

4)Sunday Riley blue moon cleansing balm because I’m intrigued by the color of the product and the ingredients and I’d like to use that during the colder months because I’m running low on my dermalogica precleanse. I don’t even like jars but I like what I see, Sunday Riley!

5)a sunscreen from MDsolarsciences that might be the one brand I mean to talk about yet forgot to mention in posts. I used to use their tinted sunscreen for years and I loved it some people would definitely hate the way it feels on top of your skin but I never had a reaction and I’m super dry and the somewhat oily feel I get is perfect for me. The tint in the sunscreen very complimentary to my skin. If that’s sold out the roll on type in the deodorant like container because it looks perfect for travel! The design and colors of their sunscreen are super cute.

**I want to shout out to Intothegloss’s Ashley was it? The person who wrote about the amazon shopping list. Brilliant–I penny pinch where I can and I use like half of that stuff. good article.**


Mother’s Day: She Actually Asked for Something.

I think it was about a week ago my mom says to my dad and I “I want the perfume she wears I ran out of my sample and I ran out of her roll on version.”I was like “L’ombre Dans L’eau?” she’s like “whatever the fancy name is.” I didn’t have to scramble to find “tiny things” she likes. Its actually hard finding things she likes she’ll go HMM, meh..or ooh its like a gamble.

My dad goes “whatever it is you used jot it down so we can get those for your mother.”  The moment the items arrived she tore the wrapper open this was early in the week…she  stared at the two items like she was a kid. It was one of the better Mother’s day for her being that she just had that long and horrible hospital stay. She absolutely hated the hospital stay infact she had choice words for one nurse in particular infact she cried when she got back from the stay because she said the nurse was just so mean to her. She was like everyone else was so nice. My mom goes “that woman should choose another profession because she clearly hated her job and chose which patients to mistreat and she even talked about your father where I could hear them(apparently another one that was mean to her while she did paperwork joined in to gossip about her) it was disgusting.” “She had no idea I understood and spoke English.” So she just cried for a good day or so and the dog never left her sight it was really sweet.

Yesterday  I was like aren’t you glad you came home–you can now see the show you wanted to watch and you got the perfume you wanted? She was like “yes!” So I’d like to thank Diptyque for the beautiful perfume we both use now-our house smells incredible and she even sprays it on her wrist at night because she says she sleeps better with it on. She even jokes that I can borrow her perfume and I go “I already own it” she’s like “oh yeah..ok” Seeing her happy made this mother’s day the best one so far.