Review: Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter

First of all, I love Marc Jacobs as a designer and he was the one person I always wanted to meet in person. When his beauty line came out I was so excited! I bought a nail polish and 2 eyeliners. I loved my highliner I still use the metallic lilac shade like its never going out of style. Its really a beautiful eyeliner and as sad as I was to see my Stila smudge crayon get discontinued I was like atleast I can repurchase Marc’s highliner! I probably need to purchase more before they do ever discontinue it. I’d be so sad.

So I was reading Helena Christensen’s top shelf and come across the dew drops and was very interested. I had been using the Becca Champagne pop and I finished my RMS master mixer so I thought why not. Here’s what I thought


-packaging is simple and elegant. white lid glass bottle where you can see the contents through the glass

-smells like coconuts

-it is gel like that its lighter than the becca shimmering skin perfectors and glides on skin nice

-the color is very universally flattering. to me its more light gold than the darker ones offered by Becca

-got compliments like no other “what is that your skin looks amazing.”

-the name of the color “dew you” made me smile he’s brilliant.


-if you’re sensitive to scents the coconut may overwhelm you. my best friend does not like coconuts so it is clearly not for her.

-overdoing the highlighter you really need like less than 1/2 a pump and then see if you need more.

-will you be able to get all the product to pump out since you can’t unscrew the lid like the Becca ones?


9/10 I’d definitely repurchase.