Review: tarte deep dive makeup removing gel cleanser

I want to start this review off with I wanted to try this cleanser for some time now. I really dig tarte products. My two favorite products from them are: the shape tape concealer(which I raved about to just everyone and their cousin)and the rainforest of the sea foundation(I believe that’s the name the shade choices are nice, tarte)

Ok…so here are my thoughts on the cleanser

it is indeed a gel cleanser the texture is nice and reminds me of my favorite type of cleanser being that my skin is on the drier side(dry/combo to be exact)

smells of lavender more than anything so if you’re thinking of a reference the scent is quite similar to the beauty blender-blender cleanser which I also like because its clean

for some reason within seconds my skin reacted to the product……face got hot.

i thought im already trying the product lets do 30 seconds instead of the 60 second option.

once I began to rinse it off things didn’t seem so bad but I had to rinse that product off for quite some time.

sadly had some leftover makeup…..:(

Ofcourse this is my opinion and I was glad I didn’t buy the full bottle on impulse–but like all tarte products the bottle is beautiful and the ingredients are clean and that’s great–my skin just did not agree to the product. unfortunate.

so that was my experience–this product may work wonders for you/your skin type but my skin and the product did not agree–it was sad because I wanted to love it.