Favorite Hair Products of the Moment.

I was able to test some new (and other products that have been out)and would love to write reviews on them because they have become some of my favorites!

First item I’m reviewing is the Bumble and bumble. curl butter masque. This masque is the more rich version of the curl care line’s conditioner. I like all the items so far from the curl line but the masque smells fresh and it was easy to rinse off and left my waves bouncy. $39 for 5oz but I would definitely purchase this!

The second item I used and will review is the Leonor Greyl shampooing au miel-gentle volumizing shampoo. This shampoo smells like honey and roses I definitely smell the honey and its not bad at all. The texture of the shampoo is very much like honey its a little sticky but not tacky easy to lather they tell you to add some water which is what I did. Once I apply it I feel like its working magic because my scalp even feels nice with the product on. It rinses out nice, I didn’t think it was drying infact it was less drying than most of my current shampoos I use(I switch products around now a lot)I saw improvement within seconds. I love it and people around me complimented my “very healthy hair.” I rate this one a 9.5/10 its almost perfect and definitely on my purchase soon-list. $35 for 4oz. I’m so picky about shampoo and this was pretty impressive. I could rate my favorites on a list and this is definitely one of ’em.

Last but not least I’m reviewing the final product I tried and loved, the John Masters Organics repair hair mask with honey & hibiscus. This hair mask has a very natural strong scent. It reminds me of oriental medicine–or something very natural herbal..its strong in scent but usually for me that means its going to work wonders on my split ends, dryness limpness…I used this along with the LG gentle volumizing shampoo because they both contain honey and I always heard honey was great on damaged hair. It comes in a very hip pump style brown bottle I did about a 1/2 palm of my hand sized amount from root to tip and let it sit for 3 minutes. They say it came be used twice a week or more and you keep the product on between 3-5 minutes and I thought it made my hair so silky! I was currently trying to find something a little cheaper than my Rahua masque because that will be running out soon! I would rate this masque a 10/10 and the price is $39 for 5oz.