Review: Kate Somerville Cold Cream Moisturizing Cleanser + Makeup Remover

Not sure if I wrote the whole list of what I bought during the VIB sale but it was not a lot. I just bought makeup remover in general, this being one of them because I was wondering if it was worth paying the full price(although I’ve always loved the exfoliKate line) Here are my thoughts:

  • what really made me love the product was the scent (the scent is incredibly beautiful) and it lingers in your bathroom once you rinse/remove the product which I absolutely LOVE
  • feels really nice going on, its not quite gel think but not watery either I think it works for all skin types including my dry/combination and usually sensitive and reactive skin
  • In the end after two attempts, I was able to remove my make up for ever foundation, luminizer, and crème blush
  • no dry or tight feeling after removal of makeup infact skin feels soft and amazing!
  • 3oz for $48 but I did not use much to remove my makeup

rating this one 10/10 because I would pay the full price and the scent…so good.