Review: Christophe Robin cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt

Finally decided to try this product because my hair looked like it needed a wash but I also didn’t feel like doing much and after reading the description it was exactly what I was looking for. To use it, you just wet your hair massage it in and rinse it off, follow it with some kinda cream or oil to keep the ends from being dry/frizzy I’m guessing. I did exactly what it said and was quit impressed and how great my hair looked after 1 use. I don’t exactly know how much you’re to use so that part I’m going to say “go with your preference” I probably used 2 quarter sized or so amounts. Less than I thought I would but it was more gritty than the OUAI version and I was hesitant at first but the scent was so good/clean/classy. I don’t talk enough about the brand but they make some really good stuff. This scrub is no different!

Some of my other favorite Christophe Robin items in case you plan to try them or are interested is the lemon cleanser(worked really well when I’d dye my hair red and generally it was about 4-6 shades lighter than my own hair and would damage it so it was sensitive) and I also really loved the lavender oil I think it was. I overdid the oil on the tips once and let’s just say it looked bad…you only need the smallest amount because its rich and good. if there was a bowing emoji i’d insert in here.