Drugstore Find: Cetaphil Makeup Removing Wipes

Somehow I forgot Cetaphil sold makeup removing wipes and was flipping through a magazine and went I’ve tried just about every brand at the drugstore(atleast the main ones like Neutrogena, simple, POND’S, Burt’s Bees…etc) Here are my thoughts:

  • unscented if there is any scent its probably coming from the ingredients which include chamomile, green tea, and aloe
  • makeup was 90% removed and no harsh scrubbing involved and I’m realistic I don’t think there’s any wipe that can remove all your makeup…and I wear layers of tinted sunscreen or the mineral powders/ and sometimes waterproof eye makeup.
  • towelettes are thick, very moist(yay)
  • no stripping, skin feels refreshed after use
  • 10/10 and would repurchase like, two packs at a time. its made for sensitive skin and it is gentle but effective. this could possibly replace my koh gen do wipes! I mean yes, I’ll purchase Koh gen do wipes but ONLY IN JAPAN because it costs almost 1/3 the price! I highly recommend the Cetaphil makeup removing wipes they are the ones in the lighter color packaging not the one with the thicker plastic lid although I tried those and recommend those for dry days, gym workouts, and well, for when we wake up in the morning and our faces have dust or oil on it PRIOR to cleansing.