Good Ol’ Cetaphil

I was just having this great conversation with friends how I never thought I’d be purchasing some huge bottle of Cetaphil cleanser but glad I did. I always considered myself a product snob but I also never say never to drugstore brands because I swear by some of the drugstore products. After my skin flared up due to laziness of jetlag(used only micellar water and that hyaluronic serum) my skin had turned into a dry and red blotchy mess it had never been this bad aside from my teenage years of living off fast foods. After getting a bottle of Cetaphil, my skin has improved overnight. I’m not dry and tight and I tossed the serum out. I’m currently using sheet masks, and this LuLuLun gel cream in the pink jar with the blue writing wonderful cream for my dry/combination skin and on other days when I don’t want to wear any makeup, I just use the pink version of the kikumasamune sake lotion! My skin had gotten so bad I couldn’t even wear makeup without looking bad. Now I feel so much better, thank you Cetaphil…and honestly how good do you smell?! No wonder my RN-friend says its a great cleanser.