Review: Sunday Riley ceramic slip

I first tried the Sunday Riley ceramic slip cleanser years ago must’ve been like 5 years ago or so around the time I discovered the good genes treatment. The brand makes some really good stuff. Its expensive but good stuff. I have tricky skin so I can tell you its good stuff. When I had originally sampled the ceramic slip cleanser I could not get over the scent it was overwhelming to me but the improvements I saw after using it was immediate. My skin was more clear it didn’t break me out but I felt somewhat dry. This new and improved version not only doesn’t smell as strong its very creamy in a good way rinses off without giving you a dry, tight feeling and I can honestly say its the most moisturizing cleanser I own and I could use that during these cold dry months. I liked this tiny cleanser out of theĀ 2 piece mini set I bought, I will be purchasing the full tube!

Rating this 10/10 pricepoint for amount is good, non-drying for all skin types as far as I remember and the packaging is very cute and tube’s are always my preference when it comes to cleansers.