“Happy?I’m Ecstatic.”

This happened in the last few days:

I was gifted this bag full of goodies as one of those gift with purchase deals and it was loaded with incredible gifts and as you know my father has this weird thing where his hand creams have to have shea butter in it. My mom is always complaining about how his hand cream smells too strong. He uses so much hand cream I joke that his hands are smoother than mine. I knew he was out of his go-to brand and read that the Caudalie brand hand and nail cream  had shea butter in it and put it on his computer desk. He looked at me funny and went what do I owe ya. I was like “it was free.” He tried it and continued to rave about it and went on about how he liked L’occitane(I still use L’occitane rose)but loved how the Caudalie brand did not leave his hands greasy and absorbed quick. Now I know what to get him for special occasions!

On to my friend’s birthday gift. I spent weeks thinking about what to put in her box and finalized it and sent it off early. The company put some wonderful samples in there she said she immediately spritzed the perfume sample. She loves it so much she is taking it with her on a getaway. She was like” happy? I’m ecstatic!” Now I’m tempted to ask for a sample of that perfume. I had to go in and look at the product. she was like “read the description, read the description!”