Happy Place.

Finally got all the crap from under my bed all removed. I haven’t had nothing under my bed since my late teen years because I used to love putting magazines and crossword puzzles there. All it did was accumulate dust which I also cleaned up. I’m on day 3 of working out and my body is up to the challenge and I haven’t felt this good physically in some time. I’ve felt healthier but not pumped up like I do right now. The only thing that’s making me feel like I’m in the dumps is my hair. I came across the article Hallie Gould wrote on Byrdie.com and was so impressed. Thank you for that amazing article. I just started eating walnuts and eggs myself–more protein, amino acids and collagen–fantastic. I’m on that tonight. I really don’t want to cut my hair short at this point. I feel like that’s in the future for me. I was also stoked to find out that the new updated version of the Sunday Riley ceramic slip is out. Yes–I know I previously probably shared here that I did not care for it but my skin needs to step up its game and nothing works like the Sunday Riley ceramic slip+good genes combo.

Back to Business

Today I went back to my full schedule of working out and cleaning.  Thanks to that I missed my daily noon news but ah who cares. The first 3-5 minutes of working out was tough but after about 13 I was really feeling it. I got to put in my 40 minutes and I feel good. Been eating pretty clean and I’ve been throwing things out daily. My family was like “you’re throwing that out too” about every 2 items I’d toss and I was like “you gotta do it at some point.” Some of the items only of mild sentimental value too. I’ve decided to keep photos of friends and family and throw out my fashion clippings I’ve kept. I probably kept them to find cheaper versions of what they wore but my taste has changed through the years. So has my body. I’m hoping I can get 1hour to 2 hours of total workout time in per day–I feel inspired right now.