OleHenriksen C-Rush Brightening Gel Creme

First OleHenriksen product I’ve tried and so far I like it..here are my thoughts.

  • smells like orange creamsicle
  • jar is adorable orange and white and the lid has this adorable sliced orange image
  • you feel a slight tingle as you would with any vitamin-c product which makes me know its working
  • is lightweight and sinks in
  • I think skin is smoother after use(my opinion and others my vary but I think its good stuff)

Nothing negative to say about the product. Its easy it sinks into my skin quick. Somedays I’ll use it after I use a light oil other days I just use a toner and put this on. This product is a night product for me since I use other items in the daytime (mostly items with sunscreen)so its going to last me for some time. I generally dab about a nickel size because I feel my face is thirsty–but if you’re skin isn’t as dry as mine,¬†you may be able to use less! 8.5/10