Favorite Hair Products of the Moment.

I was able to test some new (and other products that have been out)and would love to write reviews on them because they have become some of my favorites!

First item I’m reviewing is the Bumble and bumble. curl butter masque. This masque is the more rich version of the curl care line’s conditioner. I like all the items so far from the curl line but the masque smells fresh and it was easy to rinse off and left my waves bouncy. $39 for 5oz but I would definitely purchase this!

The second item I used and will review is the Leonor Greyl shampooing au miel-gentle volumizing shampoo. This shampoo smells like honey and roses I definitely smell the honey and its not bad at all. The texture of the shampoo is very much like honey its a little sticky but not tacky easy to lather they tell you to add some water which is what I did. Once I apply it I feel like its working magic because my scalp even feels nice with the product on. It rinses out nice, I didn’t think it was drying infact it was less drying than most of my current shampoos I use(I switch products around now a lot)I saw improvement within seconds. I love it and people around me complimented my “very healthy hair.” I rate this one a 9.5/10 its almost perfect and definitely on my purchase soon-list. $35 for 4oz. I’m so picky about shampoo and this was pretty impressive. I could rate my favorites on a list and this is definitely one of ’em.

Last but not least I’m reviewing the final product I tried and loved, the John Masters Organics repair hair mask with honey & hibiscus. This hair mask has a very natural strong scent. It reminds me of oriental medicine–or something very natural herbal..its strong in scent but usually for me that means its going to work wonders on my split ends, dryness limpness…I used this along with the LG gentle volumizing shampoo because they both contain honey and I always heard honey was great on damaged hair. It comes in a very hip pump style brown bottle I did about a 1/2 palm of my hand sized amount from root to tip and let it sit for 3 minutes. They say it came be used twice a week or more and you keep the product on between 3-5 minutes and I thought it made my hair so silky! I was currently trying to find something a little cheaper than my Rahua masque because that will be running out soon! I would rate this masque a 10/10 and the price is $39 for 5oz.

Empties: September 2018

  • Eve Lom dynaspot
  • Drunk elephant d-bronzi anti pollution sunshine drops .17oz
  • MDSOLARSCIENCES MD crème mineral beauty balm “light/medium”
  • Mario Badescu aloe vera toner
  • Sunday Riley Saturn sulfur acne treatment mask
  • Bumble and bumble. while you sleep overnight damage repair masque
  • La Mer the moisturizing soft cream .5oz
  • it cosmetics secret sauce anti-aging moisturizer


sampled: BeccaxChrissy Teigen hair/body oil, Kiehls midnight recovery botanical cleansing oil

Empties:July 2018

-Stila stay all day HD illuminating beauty balm spf30

-Bumble and bumble. while you sleep overnight damage repair masque

-It cosmetics miracle water 3-in-1 glow tonic

-Koh gen do spa water wipes(the original size)

-Koh gen do moisture foundation #113

-It cosmetics confidence in a cleanser .6oz

-juice beauty stem cellular cc cream “warm glow”

sampled: amika the kure shampoo and conditioner, ouai smooth shampoo and conditioner, moroccanoil blow dry concentrate

Here’s a Question for You.

This is a question that seems simple but isn’t quite simple and I thought fun exchanging minds if you will.

The question is, if you had a $5 coupon from a nice beauty store what would you buy and why?

I thought about it for some time and here are my choices it was hard narrowing it down but I did a top 5.

1)Sunday Riley good genes and I’d get the bigger bottle because hey its most likely more economical(but i’ll have to check back on that)

2)Bumble and bumble scalp detox really the answer to this one is simple it really feels good on your scalp and after I shampoo it out my hair looks improved in some odd way/fresh looking. No one is offering no $5 discount on bumble and bumble as far as I can tell and the price would be $29 before taxes and hey, that’s pretty cool.

3)Diptyque baies candle original large version or the black version that sells for $95 because with the coupon it is back to the most recent price prior to the price hike at $90 and I’d burn it all the time. I wouldn’t be greedy either I’d use it for the whole house.

4)Sunday Riley blue moon cleansing balm because I’m intrigued by the color of the product and the ingredients and I’d like to use that during the colder months because I’m running low on my dermalogica precleanse. I don’t even like jars but I like what I see, Sunday Riley!

5)a sunscreen from MDsolarsciences that might be the one brand I mean to talk about yet forgot to mention in posts. I used to use their tinted sunscreen for years and I loved it some people would definitely hate the way it feels on top of your skin but I never had a reaction and I’m super dry and the somewhat oily feel I get is perfect for me. The tint in the sunscreen very complimentary to my skin. If that’s sold out the roll on type in the deodorant like container because it looks perfect for travel! The design and colors of their sunscreen are super cute.

**I want to shout out to Intothegloss’s Ashley was it? The person who wrote about the amazon shopping list. Brilliant–I penny pinch where I can and I use like half of that stuff. good article.**


My Favorite Dry Shampoo(s)

This summer has been humid and hot and just really hard on my hair(and skin)I find myself touching my hair to move it as I apply sunscreen or style it and in no time between the humidity the sweating and the touching of my bangs it is no longer fresh looking. I started thinking I don’t want to pin them back all the time or put a hat on because it makes your hair more flat. That’s when I remembered I had dry shampoo! I have two favorite ones I used to use but cut back and forgot I owned them. I’ve tried different styles and different brands but I can honestly tell you the spray types are not for me. They never do what I want it to but the powders they do exactly what I want. Here are my two favorites: Bumble and bumble. pret-a-powder and the alterna caviar purple one really good stuff. These dry shampoos are so good I don’t take them with me on travel because I don’t want to lose them-so what I do is I get to a Sephora and purchase a tiny travel bottle of pret-a-powder and the last time I bought the travel size I left it with the lady who cleaned my room because she was adorable and I was so grateful. The alterna dry shampoo powder comes with a pointy cap and im pretty sure with everything I throw into my tote it will end up coming off and spilling so I recommend the screw-lid type pret-a-powder.

Keratin: You Complete Me.

I swore I was using everything I needed but the dry split ends and tangles they were hard to avoid…until I started using keratin products. My hair is now fluffy and back to almost my high school years smooth and bouncy the best its looked in years. You know what this means, I’m definitely purchasing a bottle of the OGX keratin shampoo soon! I will be repurchasing the its a 10 deep conditioner.

Here are my hair care go to’s:

-ouai smooth shampoo(the shampoo is larger than the conditioner so I realize the price difference of a couple dollars but this shampoo definitely smells better than the conditioner that already smells great—like a boutique or something crazy fancy and elegant)

-its a 10 miracle deep conditioner(can’t remember the whole name off the top of my head but I believe its a deep conditioner in a tube with an orange lid and blue tube)

-Bumble and bumble. while you sleep masque

-Bumble and bumble save the day OR the its a 10 spray “with keratin” orange lid. If its really sunny–like it is here right now I pump two pumps of the save the day but today its just humid and not too sunny!

I still have tangles here and there but nothing that I had and I also suggest the bumble and bumble scalp detox once a week because it is incredible. If anyone uses the Oribe serene scalp–i’d like to know about the product!

Empties: June 2018

-Burt’s bees cleansing oil

-Bumble and bumble. scalp detox

-Bumble and bumble. hairdresser’s invisible oil conditioner

-eradiKate daily foaming cleanser-1oz

-Jurlique rose moisture plus moisturizing cream

-ouai hair oil

-Koh Gen Do cleansing spa water wipes

-Suntegrity 5-in-1 natural moisturizing face sunscreen “light”

-Neutrogena body clear body wash pink grapefruit.

-Aveeno stress relief body wash


sampled: oribe cote d’Azur replenishing body wash, pai echium +argan gentle eye cream, Giorgio Armani ecstasy balm “soft nude”, MAC cleanse off oil, it cosmetics secret sauce, it cosmetics confidence in a cream

Summer 2018 Favorites

Here’s my list of favorite items I recommend and enjoy:

-MAC pigments in kitschmas, and tan

-Kate Somerville exfolikate and eradikate cleanser

-Bumble and bumble. scalp detox (use this one every week to every other week and its amazing Im on bottle 2)

-its a 10-deep conditioner plus keratin

-it cosmetics your skin but better cc+ bronzer

-juice beauty cc cream in desert glow

-Oribe flash form finishing spray wax(I use this after I wash with a cleansing crème followed with a dab of leave in cream and my hair looks great)


Review: Bumble and bumble. While You Sleep Overnight Damage Repair Masque + Save the Day-Daytime Protective Repair Fluid

I had been debating for quite some time whether or not to purchase this(yes despite it being a newer release I was debating whether to get this or the Gloss Moderne stuff but ofcourse Sephora you were out of Gloss Moderne packette version which was my first choice!Unfortunate!) In the end I was so glad I purchase the B&b products I had to share my thoughts here–

I’m going to start off with the overnight masque:

-smells great

-texture is a mix between creamy and gel-but to me more gel like

-I had originally bought the orange jar from the invisible line but after about two tries I realized it was too hard to get into my hair it left residues and slippery(real dangerous)so I quit using the orange and white jar–this one is more my style

-I don’t like putting anything in my hair while I hit the pillowcase but this worked its way into my scalp and hair and it left no yucky mess while I rolled around in my sleep

-I went ahead and rinsed it some then added shampoo to wash it out(OGX works great after any B&b treatment including the scalp detox) it rinsed out nice

NO CONS on this one 10/10 will repurchase Kinda pricey but works great and beautiful container love everything about it.


Save the Day Daytime protective repair fluid:

-smells great I believe its the same scent as the masque-will check back on that just pleasant nothing over the top someone even walked by me and said “beautiful perfume what is it” I was like it’s the new B&b line

-texture is light not quite hair oil but not thick as a leave in its between two of those when you look at it, it shines like its opalescent in a way maybe that’s the sun protection part of it.

-the bottle is so pretty and its got a twist and lock thing which I like

-it makes my hair so soft its just so soft and smooth since the sun is so strong right now I am leaning on this one for the UV protection more than anything since my hair is on the dry coarse side most days.

-cons PRICEY-small for price but since I love it–this may replace most of my current hair products aside from the bumble and bumble styling and that new Oribe wax spray I’m diggin’-then again those are styling products and this one is like a primer–uv protection–amazeballs!


Bumble and bumble Scalp Detox

Funny how things work. Right after I wrote here how I’ve been doing much better after eating icecream for like 3 days straight and eating sloppy and some other stress related incidents I was down for the count. I had a fever in my knees, a throbbing headache it was bad. I was so sick I could not take my dog out which I felt horrible about but the worst part was not being able to wash my hair.

That’s when I realized I had previously bought a bottle of scalp detox. I hadn’t been able to bathe in like 3 days so I read the instructions which tell you to spray it directly onto your scalp section by section, massage it in and leave it on for 3 minutes. I was like fair enough. The moment you spray it on there’s this instantly tingly but wonderful feeling I needed to freshen up. I washed it out and my hair felt fantastic. After the usual, conditioner and leave in I went to the look at the upper scalp area and my hair doesn’t even look oily anymore. It was so bad this morning. Thank goodness! Thank you Bumble and bumble! I will use this on my emergency days! Cool product!

10/10 it did everything I needed and it feels so good on your scalp. Its for all hair types!