Review: Glossier. bubblewrap eye+lip plumping cream

I bought this cream as a gift decided that I needed it after I fell in love with how adorable it looked tried it and loved it.  here are my thoughts:

the texture is thick/rich like the avocado eye cream from Kiehls which I like

I have used it on my lips and my eye area with no reactions

there is a faint/mild scent of coconut??maybe but its nice

you don’t need a lot so I wouldn’t push it down all the way

the pink top is so cute. I love everything about this eye+lip plumping cream and would buy it again. would be something neat to take on travel too. I think I will repurchase this when Christmas comes maybe even thanksgiving as a thank you to my friend because, after all, I bought it for her in the beginning (she’s into eye creams)