The One Item I’ve Used for 10 Years.

I’ve had a couple hair stylists in my lifetime but I had two favorites. One was older lady that would cut my naturally thick, wavy hair into the most amazing pixie ever. I loved her cuts to much I’d go there to get it touched up every few months.  Then I had to move so it was very sad.

After relocating I had to find new hair stylists and I never found one I liked as much as I did “J” so I had to just have random people cut it/highlight it.

Then I moved again..and my neighbor’s daughter at the time and her mother had the most amazing hairdos overnight and I had to ask them about their salon. I go there with a friend of mine and our mind is blown. It is so cool, the owners are so nice and hip I was like I just died and went to heaven and we both decided on the nicest lady there. The lady was so smart, so talented we get our hair cut and both of us are like this is the best lady to give us layers! So originally I had gone in and had a shorter really nice look but I grew it out and the stylist is like(I wont say her name out of privacy and respect and she’s moved on to another salon) you know your hair is what I want thick, wavy and I’m like what?she goes if my hair was like this I’d grow it and test the waters of what you can do with it. She goes I will give you the layers, layer your bangs and we’ll take it from there and she styles it with  Bumble and bumble’s Brilliantine. It really does something for my hair whether its dry and frizzy, other days when I want movement I scrunch it in with my fingers. It gives it shine and the scent is like no other. I can just throw it in my bag and travel with it too. Thanks to her I have two things I never gave up modernized bangs, brilliantine.