Review: Sunday Riley Blue Moon

I finally tried Sunday’s blue moon and here are my thoughts:

  • balm to cleansing oil sounds about right it melts into your palms
  • the texture is like a cross of May Lindstrom’s blue cocoon and dermalogica’s precleanse balm
  • smells like cocoa mixed with a hint of citrus you’d have to try hard to really smell anything if you ask me
  • rinses off easily/skin doesn’t feel stripped and the moment you put it on its soothing
  • I like to follow this with the S.R. ceramic slip cleanser
  • blue tansy, cocoa, and citrus are among some of the cool ingredients of this beautiful balm
  • I don’t recommend using just this to take off makeup if you wear lots or waterproof I don’t even think I can use just the blue moon to remove everything..

I do love everything about the product. I’d rate this a 9.5/10 You don’t need to use a lot so that’s a plus but if you’re already into the ceramic slip and you use them together–amazing skin results. I’m on the drier side and can really appreciate oils and cleansing balms during the colder winter months!

Sephora and Ulta Sale-Here’s What I Bought!

The older I get the less I need(or atleast that’s my goal between now and spring of this year.)I’m not one to pass up on any discounts so I was super excited both stores were having sales side by side.  Here’s what I bought at Ulta: the Living proof. no frizz nourishing oil 3.4oz what shocked me was that its in a glass bottle. I finished all my oil samples from them and I thought why not I love the way it makes my hair feel and smells wonderful.

Here’s what I bought at Sephora: OleHenriksen truth serum 1.7oz, Sunday Riley blue moon cleansing balm.

I’m keeping it simple and keeping it where I purchase what I need not want. I think this cleansing balm I bought is going to come in handy when my skin flares up in the upcoming colder months. Super excited about the blue moon. The truth serum is something I started using about a month ago and so far I love it. I use it over the kora organics noni glow oil.