Review: bite beauty agave sugar lip scrub

My thoughts on the product:

  • more gritty than the original cherry version
  • the other part that’s not the gritty sugar, almost too watery and runny in my opinion but blends well together
  • smells very sweet and delicious like maple and caramel put into one
  • worked quite well
  • 9/10 on this one. Love how natural it is and how I put too much product on the first try. A little goes a long way.

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Sets!

I probably don’t talk enough about the bite beauty agave lip masks but I truly love them and always wanted a mini-travel size. I owned the original and the champagne and my favorite of the two was the champagne because the tint in their is so universally pretty. Its this pearly pink and it smells like candy. I personally love the thick texture but it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

One afternoon, I’m surfing through the holiday sets on Sephora and I come across the two sets that include the agave lip masks and I’m like “hold on a minute” haha. So in the end I purchased the agave treat trio, and the sweet treats that has the “champagne” agave lip mask in it(they sell two styles/shades I’m guessing the other one is the original non-tinted version) The sets come in the most adorable packaging and the product size is pretty decent for the price. I was very pleased with my purchases. I always tell my friends and family I need something smaller and travel friendly and I currently have the candy cane agave lip mask on me at all times.

Let’s talk about the agave treat trio

  • comes in a very cute metal folding close type lid red and very holiday looking which I love
  • it comes in maple, candy cane, and clear
  • I have yet to try the maple one but the candy cane does smell like peppermint and it tingles on your lips!

Onto the sweet treats

  • comes in a nice screw lid-vitamin like jar
  • the set comes with a small size of the lip scrub, the lip balm stick type, and the agave lip mask
  • $12

These would be wonderful stocking stuffers. $12-18 Definitely great sets for the colder season. Heck honestly if you wanted to you could even do a thing where you go this one tube is for so and so and the this shade is more for this person and choose one each! I hope they make similar sets next year because I’m in.