May’s Over!

May seemed like a long month to me. I always have things to do in May because there’s Mother’s Day, my dad’s birthday, an upcoming birthday (Brandon) then I have another friend who’s got a birthday in May-and on top of this I try to stay on my a-game by reminding myself that I jotted down when I gave the dog her monthly vet meds. The last week or so has been humidity-heaven- I was almost mauled by the neighbors dog while I walked her. The woman heard my screaming dog and finally came out to get it on her lawn. The worst part the woman doesn’t even give me a quick “im sorry.” Thanks to the incident and trying to get my dog away from the huge dog I cut myself bad in the finger. Nonstop throbbing pain.

Then yesterday I got this really nice email from Brandon and he basically says the birthday box just made his week and it made me happy. He then apologized because he said he felt guilty I always got him what he liked and he’d get me something I like this birthday. Nice! Im giving out random hints when he asks!

Then I checked up with an old friend she was doing well. One thing I realized is I like when people write or email me. I think this next time around I want a somewhat clingy-boyfriend. Someone that emails me all the time making sure im ok.

Also the woman that has been bullying me has suddenly did a 180-she is being nice and Im like what is this you realizing there’s karma out there. Either way, subtle apology accepted.