Japan Drugstore Find (Part 2)

Today I bought:

LuLuLun Moist Gel Cream 1500yen! smells like a mixture of herbs and citrus and its therapeutic when I open and smell it.

Biore makeup removing wipes 10 sheets puprle version which is supposed to deep clean into your pores if makeup is sitting there. 245yen

The resealable LuLuLun face masks 480yen its the burgundy one

and the cheap alternative to SKII also known as kikumasamune pink bottle for people with drier skin types 735yen for a huge pump and instant brightening and moisturizing.

last but not least: biore makeup removing pump type oil 980 yen I believe it was a previous purchase. smells like flowers! 2-3 pumps on dry face add water and viola! I believe the pink is for drier skin types so I got that one.