Review: Alterna Caviar Smoothing Anti-Frizz Multi-Styling Air Dry Balm #NewMonthNewProduct

I’ve decided to do one review if I don’t forget at the beginning of the month no matter what. I have been using Alterna products for years I was a big fan of the color and the anti-aging lines but what always won me over was their annual “leave-in” with shimmer island-y scented creams. They were always about $20 per tube in a generous 3.4 oz tubes…I must bought 3 different styles. I loved them. They were always high quality smelled delicious and this is no different but for the more mature group. Product narrowed down:

  • faint scent of maybe floral in the beginning which disappears
  • ingredients include: coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, honey extract, panthenol, and gardenia
  • texture is not too rich and very easy to smooth on
  • I put it on following my favorite hair mask the spotlight circle-and it was a perfect pairing
  • put it in a bun for 30 minutes and hair looked like I had more volume the waves were effortless but beautiful and I have decided I will probably NOT repurchase the r+co turntable or other air dry/leave-ins for now…because I’ve found the perfect one.
  • sold for $32 in a beautiful mirroring light purple tube.

My Favorite Dry Shampoo(s)

This summer has been humid and hot and just really hard on my hair(and skin)I find myself touching my hair to move it as I apply sunscreen or style it and in no time between the humidity the sweating and the touching of my bangs it is no longer fresh looking. I started thinking I don’t want to pin them back all the time or put a hat on because it makes your hair more flat. That’s when I remembered I had dry shampoo! I have two favorite ones I used to use but cut back and forgot I owned them. I’ve tried different styles and different brands but I can honestly tell you the spray types are not for me. They never do what I want it to but the powders they do exactly what I want. Here are my two favorites: Bumble and bumble. pret-a-powder and the alterna caviar purple one really good stuff. These dry shampoos are so good I don’t take them with me on travel because I don’t want to lose them-so what I do is I get to a Sephora and purchase a tiny travel bottle of pret-a-powder and the last time I bought the travel size I left it with the lady who cleaned my room because she was adorable and I was so grateful.┬áThe alterna dry shampoo powder comes with a pointy cap and im pretty sure with everything I throw into my tote it will end up coming off and spilling so I recommend the screw-lid type pret-a-powder.