When People Say I Inspire Them.

Its been like a full year of poor decisions, sometimes not being exactly honest from time to time especially when it came to my feelings of certain people, and figuring things out.  I have been having a back and forth with someone from my past who for some reason forgives me for my shortcomings. I told him how can someone be so accepting and kind but he is one of those sweet people. Now that I’m moving back to the US he told me he suddenly inspired to make a change and is getting his own place. He was like you inspire me to be better and I was like wow that would be a first! I don’t know if it was what he said or if it was my friend school but they both made me realize I do sell myself short from time to time. Maybe I should look at my cup as 1/2 full at all times. Looking forward to a scene change!

Reviewing: Dr. Jart+ Every Sun Day Sunblock & Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Calming Gel Cream

Today I will post my thoughts on the 2 Dr. Jart+ items. The first product is the “every sun day sunblock.” The sunblock comes in a cute simple white tube with yellow and black writing. The tube is 1.69 oz and really a little goes a long way. My outside packaging/box did say under ingredients that there was both zinc and titanium dioxide. There is a nice pink-beige tint to it and it does not make you look white film-y ghost like if you’re worried. I have had no reactions but it is on the thicker and richer side. Would I repurchase? YES 9/10 would like it to feel less heavy

Now onto the cicapair calming gel cream…I’ve been using this for about 4 days now. I’m never moist enough but really this past 2-3 months of being here my skin is not only dry and still recovering from breakouts and redness. The fact that this cream says “soothes irritated sensitive and sensitized skin” had me saying “yay” one of the first ingredients is “glycerine” and that’s generally a good sign. The cream sends like lavender. The cream is a green bouncy water-like texture. I usually use a nickel size give or take. The tube is 2.7oz and would last for quite some time. Could I buy it again yes…rating is 8/10 could feel more moisturizing just a little bit more. Overall though, no complaints!


Review: Dr. Jart+ Teatreatment Cleansing Foam

I’m on day 3 of this cleanser and let me tell you the scent alone makes me happy. I have always been a fan of all things tea tree. I like it in my shampoo, acne treatments and other skincare.  This cleanser is pH-balancing, and is almost-gel like. I don’t feel any burning, tightness or discomfort of any kind. If anything every time I use it, it’s like a treat!

I don’t know if I’m using too much but I like to use 2 pumps leave it on for a couple seconds and then wash it off. I bought the cream and the cicapair gel cream too. What I regret is that I didn’t get a toner so I can’t seal in more moisture but if you’re happy with your other items and you have sensitive skin and want more clearness? This cleanser is worth a try!

10/10. Bottle design is so simple and classy. clear and green and in pump form.


Review: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask(Berry)

My mom went to Korea. My skin is still not in the best condition and my lips are chapped. I wanted to try the product for some time and when I would try to purchase it on sale, it was always sold out. My mom says she thinks it was about 5-7 bucks cheaper because they make it there but..dont quote me there yet because i have no receipts…

I dont know if I applied enough because when i woke up there was nothing left on my lips so Im going to put more on either tonight or tomorrow. The scent is delicious and the jar and spatula idea is super cute. Would I buy it again Oddly I would. I like the idea.


Review: Drunk Elephant Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser

All I’m going to say is that this cleanser is fantastic. Everything about this cleanser is great the texture that there’s really no scent its pH balanced doesn’t dry my skin and my face feels so clean after using it. My skin is still in not-great conditioner but after this its the best its been since getting to Japan. So this one is definitely a win-win product.

Would I purchase a full size? Most Definitely! It costs less than the Arcona one which I love too but this orange color is also super cute. I’m really starting to think Drunk Elephant and Sunday Riley products are the best out there if you want products that are natural and work wonders.

empties: Jan 2020

  • L’Occitane shea butter light hand cream “festive garden”
  • Bioderma Sensibio H2O 100ml
  • Neutrogena oil-free acne wash pink grapefruit foaming scrub
  • Schick shave guard “medicated” shaving cream(sold in japan green can)

pretty simple this month. I am currently using some other cool stuff whether its gifted or something I bought on a whim! I learned today I can wear a sheet mask while I eat a muffin.