Masks Are Selling Out.

Right now due to the on going Corona Virus going around, even where I am at the masks are becoming scarce. The rule is you can purchase up to 3 packages. It really goes to show you how bad things are especially in Asia.

Did Anyone Else See The Great Sephora 2020 Birthday Gift Selections?!

I gotta say, those brands and items to select for your birthday gift at Sephora has me giddy.  My goal for February is to stop by a Neal’s Yard, and then maybe a Tom Ford counter. I don’t know why but I really want to see the eye palettes up close. I’m also curious about the crème blush from Paul & Joe.

I didn’t check to make sure 100% but I read you can choose between three brands and two of them are: Briogeo and Sol de Janeiro?<–spell check on that one sounds like a win-win huh.

I was in Kyoto not long ago and I gotta say-the one thing I should’ve bought was some “yuzu” scented items. Real bummed about that.

Does Anyone Else…

have that habit where they touch their face all the time? I can’t seem to stop and its terrible because the doctor was like stop doing it! I especially find myself doing it at night. Today’s thoughts: I need facial cotton squares, there’s a Tully’s coffee nearby too so I might go see what is new on the menu. Looks like I’ll be going to the drugstore like tomorrow since no one in this house owns facial cottons which is very rare. Bumming. I live in an area where I have to walk down a flight of stairs and down this steep hill. Going downhill is not bad, coming back from the hill, DEADLY. I know for a fact that my father lost about 10-12pounds walking and down the hill and stairs in less than a month.

I Don’t Know What the Future Holds but My Friend is There!

Between eating better, taking the mix of oriental meds and using Korean haircare, everything is much better, my mental health, my skin, my hair no longer looks the way it looked just 2, weeks ago-I don’t know what the future holds but…I feel like I decided on the best place to relocate. My friend is there, there’s no snow in general because if you’ve ever lived in the east coast some places will FINE you for not cleaning up your sidewalk! Between my arthritis and watching my mother slip and break her finger that is kind of a no-go zone for me. The best part if all things work out is that I will finally be near a spacenk, and a Sephora(which I miss so badly) If I find a Malin+Goetz near me I will do a celebratory dance. I don’t want to get too ahead of myself but I’m kind of excited.

Review: Chidoriya silk & rice bran facial soap

Tried it today don’t know if I used it before but here are my thoughts:

  • no scent I can detect
  • ingredients are impressive
  • non drying/no tightening
  • if I were to rate it i’d give it a 9/10
  • price is very good but i’d make sure you keep the product away from extra water or heat.
  • i’d purchase it. since this one was gifted to me.
  • getting ready to purchase one of those things that make your soaps more foamy to use less product at the 100 yen shop. woo!

Review: Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Wash

I want to start off with, I occasionally like to go off-label/rules when it comes to how I use a product. Back when it was easier to get the pink grapefruit body clear body wash, I’d buy it at a local Walmart or Target but here I can’t do that. Someone gifted me the foaming wash version for your face and I use it to clear the dark spots on my arm, and the rest of my body. I am currently taking omega-3 and a mix of herbal-oriental mix of meds that I was told to take before I eat twice a day by the dermatologist. Seeing some improvements. As for cleansers since I can’t really find anything I’m still using cetaphil and occasionally i’ll follow it with St. Ives apricot scrub. My chin acne scars and the redness are gone and I’m not as dry.

Going on a 2-day Trip/What I Will be Packing:

Here’s what I decided to pack on my short trip:

  • BIODERMA Sensibio H2O I have exactly 1/2 the bottle left of the 100ml size
  • Chanel rouge coco flash 54 “boy” Chanel coco gloss 119
  • CHANEL mascara
  • Diptyque L’OMBRE DANS L’EAU roll on perfume oil and .25oz edt
  • Carmex classic lip balm .35oz tube
  • aveeno daily moisturizing loton 1 oz
  • LUSH lip scrub


Favorites of the Moment

nail polish: Chanel canotier

lip gloss: Chanel rouge coco gloss 119

lip scrub: LUSH (hadn’t bought this brand in years but realize why its always so popular I follow it with some body shop strawberry lippy balm or fresh’s mint)

I finally used the L’Occitane honey harvest body cream and I must say I love it. I will be using it on my dry arm chicken bumps because its got honey in it.