Diptyque Counter & Wonderful Employee

I believe I haven’t talked about my visit to the Diptyque counter in Japan. I saw how they had this spray EDT bottles lined up in a small area a little off from their actual counter. There you saw a nice lady who asked you which scent you loved. That was a simple question to me, L’ombre Dans L’eau. She tells me there is a 5 pack where I can mix and match the EDP travel sprays(which are very cool by the way)so I ask her “what if I wanted all bottles to be LDL to which she replies “you can do that here.” Talk about being giddy. I bought 5 bottles and gave my mother one. To top my wonderful shopping experience off, the employee gave me a giftbag with the EDP sample, and the body balm(which is a new favorite of mine very rich and moisturizing)

You just never know until you ask. I believe I paid $147- for the 5pc give or take because the dollar is higher in value and I bought it in yen.

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