Drugstore Find: Dove “apple& white tea” deodorant

I don’t know who came up with such an amazing scent idea but the actually deodorant smells so good I tried to lick it. My advice, don’t lick it but it smells that fresh and amazing. I’m switching from their cool essentials scent to that apple & white tea. I have always been a big fan of all things white tea. Many many years ago Dior used to sell a cleanser made with white tea, it was really good. It was like 5ounces for $25 but it lasted like 4-6 months it was insane. Years later I find and try the arcona one which is excellent but tiny and pricey(will most likely repurchase soon but…still pricey)but this deodorant? Reasonable and FANTASTIC!! If you like all things apple and white tea it is fresh and delightful!

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