Thank You!

Just wanted to thank you for reading/occasionally writing comments or giving me advise. Writing here has been a great outlet and I truly enjoyed reviewing products, talking about my problems(don’t if you can help it stick to the products)and with this I will be halting(atleast for now)my posts because I have to clean and pack for my move.

Drugstore Find: Dove “apple& white tea” deodorant

I don’t know who came up with such an amazing scent idea but the actually deodorant smells so good I tried to lick it. My advice, don’t lick it but it smells that fresh and amazing. I’m switching from their cool essentials scent to that apple & white tea. I have always been a big fan of all things white tea. Many many years ago Dior used to sell a cleanser made with white tea, it was really good. It was like 5ounces for $25 but it lasted like 4-6 months it was insane. Years later I find and try the arcona one which is excellent but tiny and pricey(will most likely repurchase soon but…still pricey)but this deodorant? Reasonable and FANTASTIC!! If you like all things apple and white tea it is fresh and delightful!

Drugstore Find: Cetaphil Makeup Removing Wipes

Somehow I forgot Cetaphil sold makeup removing wipes and was flipping through a magazine and went I’ve tried just about every brand at the drugstore(atleast the main ones like Neutrogena, simple, POND’S, Burt’s Bees…etc) Here are my thoughts:

  • unscented if there is any scent its probably coming from the ingredients which include chamomile, green tea, and aloe
  • makeup was 90% removed and no harsh scrubbing involved and I’m realistic I don’t think there’s any wipe that can remove all your makeup…and I wear layers of tinted sunscreen or the mineral powders/ and sometimes waterproof eye makeup.
  • towelettes are thick, very moist(yay)
  • no stripping, skin feels refreshed after use
  • 10/10 and would repurchase like, two packs at a time. its made for sensitive skin and it is gentle but effective. this could possibly replace my koh gen do wipes! I mean yes, I’ll purchase Koh gen do wipes but ONLY IN JAPAN because it costs almost 1/3 the price! I highly recommend the Cetaphil makeup removing wipes they are the ones in the lighter color packaging not the one with the thicker plastic lid although I tried those and recommend those for dry days, gym workouts, and well, for when we wake up in the morning and our faces have dust or oil on it PRIOR to cleansing.

Review: Oribe priming lotion leave-in conditioning detangler & moisture and control treatment masque

Hi there. I swore off purchasing Oribe products a while back due to their high prices but…when things get bad their conditioners and leave-in products…all of it come to the rescue and the money seems like a small price for me because my hair is once again in terrible condition most of it most likely due to my terrible choice of quick and poor diet that I’ve carried on for a month or two now(I will be staying off quick meals again but sometimes preparing meals can get exhausting).  Back to Oribe products….I was always a big fan of their shampoo + conditioner for beautiful color but what I really love right now is their conditioner for brilliance and shine and ofcourse all the moisture & control products. I won’t purchase their moisture& control shampoo because I go through shampoo way more than I do conditioners(went through their shampoo probably within a month or 3 weeks because I wish my hair every other day sometimes daily) …that being said, here are my thoughts on each of the products I’m reviewing starting with the priming lotion leave-in conditioning detangler:

the priming lotion leave-in conditioning detangler is good in so many ways. The bottle is similar to their shampoo bottles and shockingly I think for something Oribe makes its really reasonable the product is full to the top(made me feel lucky haha)and you probably need less than I would use but on the instructions it says to put it from roots to ends so if you want you can build up the product so maybe little at a time so you don’t overdo it. I like to use about a quarter sized amount. I was very impressed by how my hair was instantly revived less dry and frizzy and yes, tangles were tamed. The fact that my hair wasn’t as dry and tangly was the best part. $38 for 8.4 oz? I wont need to repurchase for a while but I recommend it for those people with similar issues and wavy to super curly hair!

Oribe moisture & control deep treatment masque:

huge jar for $63 which ofcourse might be a tough price to pay but I can tell you as hesitant as I was to pay for this magical jar it was worth it. Honestly I haven’t purchased any Oribe products and regretted it. All of their stuff is nourishing or does exactly what it says it will do.  This product is no different it moisturizes brings back the oomph I was missing-the frizz is less obvious. The instructions are to leave it on 10 minutes which is on the longer side but was well worth it. between this and the priming lotion leave-in detangler my hair is smooth, bouncy, not a tangly mess…and I only needed to use a little. By far the least amount of masque I’ve used from any brand actually. Its very creamy smells just like their cleasing crème a bit minty but very elegant. I’m thinking about trying the two together sometime.  Rating both items with a 10/10. Little goes a long way. Perfect for hot, humid weather I’m currently experiencing helps a lot with the color I have in my hair too. Thanks to these products I won’t have to chop off my hair for some time! YAY ORIBE.



Review: BECCA Collector’s Edition Glow Body Stick “Champagne Pop”

I generally like anything that “glows” from BECCA. Their powders are great, the shimmering body oil with Chrissy Teigan was great, I also loved the shimmering skin perfectors in various shades(in my case my favorite were rose gold, champagne pop, and the topaz?shade) so when I saw the glow body stick I was instantly like I’m buying this. Talk about a good choice. Its fail proof it doesn’t transfer as much as other tinted/bronzing body products and I’ve tried a couple other ones and the shade is so natural looking yet stunning. I like to rub the stick all over my arms and my neck. The scent is beautiful and summer-y I think it was worth every penny and will be my summer grab and go item mind you, this body stick is HUGE and bulky and I don’t care!

Its a twist-type stick a little goes a long way and the color payoff is amazing. The ingredients keep your skin from getting dry so what are you waiting for, bronzer enthusiasts go grab one! I may have to purchase a back up stick!

Review: rms beauty tinted “un” powder shade 3-4

as all rms beauty products this is very good and natural, the color pay off is nice, the powder is fine and easy to blend, skin does not feel dry when applied although I do advise you wearing moisturizer before and misting after applying powder–no scents to the product the color works great because I use a lighter shaded mineral spf powder underneath(ILIA) This product is great as a final step.

Review: tarte deep dive makeup removing gel cleanser

I want to start this review off with I wanted to try this cleanser for some time now. I really dig tarte products. My two favorite products from them are: the shape tape concealer(which I raved about to just everyone and their cousin)and the rainforest of the sea foundation(I believe that’s the name the shade choices are nice, tarte)

Ok…so here are my thoughts on the cleanser

it is indeed a gel cleanser the texture is nice and reminds me of my favorite type of cleanser being that my skin is on the drier side(dry/combo to be exact)

smells of lavender more than anything so if you’re thinking of a reference the scent is quite similar to the beauty blender-blender cleanser which I also like because its clean

for some reason within seconds my skin reacted to the product……face got hot.

i thought im already trying the product lets do 30 seconds instead of the 60 second option.

once I began to rinse it off things didn’t seem so bad but I had to rinse that product off for quite some time.

sadly had some leftover makeup…..:(

Ofcourse this is my opinion and I was glad I didn’t buy the full bottle on impulse–but like all tarte products the bottle is beautiful and the ingredients are clean and that’s great–my skin just did not agree to the product. unfortunate.

so that was my experience–this product may work wonders for you/your skin type but my skin and the product did not agree–it was sad because I wanted to love it.

Review: rahua smoothing hair balm

This tiny balm in a jar is amazing. I love how its .62 oz in a plastic jar and that the contents haven’t melted into water on me(yay) originally I thought well if its this small I sure hope I don’t have to use lots…and you don’t! a tiny dab will work because you focus on the ends. It smells natural to me it reminds me of that guava scent the body shop used to sell…its like a tropical fruit…mixed with natural oils…the scent is there at first but goes away and it does not bother me. Would I buy this again when I run out? Yup!

Rating this product a 8.5/10

Review: rahua hydration shampoo + conditioner

I bought the travel sized duo a while back and thought my hair is very limp and sad and dry and frizzy again why not. Here are my thoughts:

  • the scent is very fresh but not like in a citrus kind of way. to me the shampoo and conditioner smell like strawberry puree/or a berry smoothie. does not smell like the original version i’ll tell ya that. (I prefer this hydration scent)
  • ingredients include mango fruit, passion fruit, aloe leaf, green tea leaf extracts to name a few–(impressive)
  • the shampoo is richer but my hair drinks it up it–it rinses out nice
  • the conditioner seems rich enough but not as rich as the shampoo which is EXACTLY WHAT I WANT RIGHT NOW
  • I currently blow dry my hair most days now because I can convince someone that my hair is better looking this way vice air drying due to the damage and limp-ness…
  • travel size shampoo $9.00 conditioner goes for $9.50/2oz.

would I buy this product again? heck yeah infact I’d purchase the full size of both items. The scent, the texture–all of it is fantastic.

If I were to rate this its a 9.5/10 because ofcourse rahua products cost $$ back when I consistently colored my hair I would purchase huge bottles of the original (this was back when they only had the voluminous and original)set but…I really dig both this hydration line and the color full line–but right now my mane concern is frizz-dryness and this shampoo/conditioner make my hair happy!

Empties: June 2019

  • 2 packs of the Koh Gen Do spa water cleansing wipes(10 sheets/pack)great product! had to give up other ones because they either stripped my skin or were too dry (why change formula people esp if its good!!don’t make it drier)
  • Charlotte Tilbury wonderglow
  • Clinique take the day off cleansing balm (full size)
  • Mario Badescu aloe vera toner
  • it cosmetics your skin but better cc+ spf 50 “medium”
  • John Masters Organics repair hair mask for damaged hair with honey & hibiscus
  • Juice beauty stem cellular cc cream spf 30 “warm glow”
  • Dr. Bronner’s lavender castile soap
  • Tocca stella candle large size

sampled: r+co high dive moisture & shine crème, briogeo deep conditioning mask, Leonor Greyl shampooing au miel(honey shampoo), REN clean screen spf 30