Busy, but Happy.

I’m moving/relocating soon. I’m moving to a place where many of my friends reside that is the best part of the move. I found some jobs I’d like to apply for. I feel optimistic about everything. I’ve made many runs to the donation places. The one guy knows my father like they’re friends now. Its kind of cute. He’s like “ya sure you don’t want to claim this on your taxes/get a receipt?”

I even gave away some of my favorite things because ya know, someone may want it more than me and I may lose it on my way there so why not.

Right as I need to leave, Oribe’s moisture and control line gets ridiculously cool (I’m currently using the conditioner)right? I am curious of the mask and leave in but…I’m like no,no can’t buy them infact gotta give away my good stuff to my favorite local friend. What to do with my furniture—and for the time being I’m just burning the Cire Trudon dada candle, the huge black diptyque baies candle and the tocca stella. All three of those candles put me in such a good mood while I clean all I need is some Sade music, right?


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