Review: fresh SUGAR LEMON hydrating lip balm

Here are my thoughts:

How could something so small be so beautiful and smell so fantastic. The scent is so pretty it is truly like a lemon dessert. If you’re wondering its not as strong as the other lip balm scents or the scrub. Its mild but so pretty. Ok its inspired by lemon meringue that’s why it smells so amazing. It feels nice on the lips too. Lately I’ve been using lip products every chance I get and I feel the drying and peeling isn’t as bad. It helps since I like to put lip gloss on daily now. When I don’t I’ll do a lipliner all over.

.21oz for $18. I actually thought it was $30 when I planned to get it so that took me by surprise. I’d buy it again. Love how compact it is.

Review: ILIA Radiant Translucent Powder spf 20

I own this in the lighter shade of the 2 so NOT the waikiki run-shade. I bought it after reading that it has 19% zinc oxide and the ingredients were quite impressive. I like when products tell me there’s ingredients like aloe because my skin is so dry all the time when its not its sensitive. What I like to do with this powder is blend it with my “old faithful” as I like to call it my Laura Mercier mineral powder in “candlelight” the two blended together make my skin look lit from within and ofcourse, there’s the 19% zinc oxide so I’m not really a powder person but I like it. People compliment my skin when I use it but–if i were to make just one complaint–and it’s a small one—the scent is rather strong in an “odd/awkward” type of way. Maybe its the thyme?hmm


Review: REN clean screen mineral spf 30 mattifying face sunscreen

Here’s what I know about the product:

  • 22% zinc oxide(wow!)
  • made in the UK
  • vegan
  • cruelty free
  • 50% post-consumer recycled plastic
  • cap made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic
  • there is no scent if anything it smells “clean” like its name
  • there IS a bit of a white cast but nothing over the top unless you’re like me and reapply a lot in that case-I suggest evening out the paleness with something darker or maybe be like me and mix a couple drops of the stila bronzing primer? was it a primer?the one with the rose gold lid/glass jar(will get back to you on that)
  • no sensitivity or feeling of skin burning (im talking sunlight)

Rating this product a 10/10. Highly recommend if your skin is sensitive it does not make you glow like it says it IS mattifying.

Cire Trudon Dada candle.

As I was saying, I’d been burning candles since I wont be able to pack them with me…so Im enjoying the heck out of them and I always love burning the Dada candle. Its so beautiful and original. My mother says to me at the end of the night and today “I don’t know what it is your burning but continue to burn it because this whole house smells incredible.”

Here’s my question to more knowledgeable candle-purchasers…is this candle discontinued or just hard to find.

Busy, but Happy.

I’m moving/relocating soon. I’m moving to a place where many of my friends reside that is the best part of the move. I found some jobs I’d like to apply for. I feel optimistic about everything. I’ve made many runs to the donation places. The one guy knows my father like they’re friends now. Its kind of cute. He’s like “ya sure you don’t want to claim this on your taxes/get a receipt?”

I even gave away some of my favorite things because ya know, someone may want it more than me and I may lose it on my way there so why not.

Right as I need to leave, Oribe’s moisture and control line gets ridiculously cool (I’m currently using the conditioner)right? I am curious of the mask and leave in but…I’m like no,no can’t buy them infact gotta give away my good stuff to my favorite local friend. What to do with my furniture—and for the time being I’m just burning the Cire Trudon dada candle, the huge black diptyque baies candle and the tocca stella. All three of those candles put me in such a good mood while I clean all I need is some Sade music, right?

Review: Kevyn Aucoin Glass Glow Face(luminizer) “spectrum bronze”

First of all, I swear to god I intended to purchase the primrose? shade I know how weird that seems since I’m a die hard bronzer fan. When it comes to bronzers you just don’t know how dark the item is until you see it in person/or swatched ya know? So really when I got my shipment yesterday, I was like hmm bronze? However, once I saw the color I was like “wait this could really work infact how pretty is this shade” within minutes I went from I don’t know to YAY. The color is universally flattering in my opinion. There’s really no scent to the product or I couldn’t detect anything (which is generally what turns me off with certain bronzers with the exception to the Guerlain one because its so pretty and I love the scent)I tried mixing it with foundation and the other way was to dab some on after all my foundation was applied. I like option two where I apply after the foundation is on because its more obvious that way-I love the way it made my makeup look not to mention I got compliments like crazy! You know how I always get emotional about how much I miss my SephoraXCharlotte Ronson luminizer? This could well be that replacement I love it so much. It comes in a tube with a pump on it!

Review: fresh sugar mint rush freshening lip treatment

Finally, she is mine. She is a beauty! I normally don’t spend this kind of money on a lip balm but somehow fresh makes me want to purchase a couple of their lip products this one was definitely high on my list! Here are my thoughts:

  • beautiful green ombre packaging
  • shockingly-not over the top mint-y in flavor which is actually a good thing
  • goes on smooth and it almost feels less waxy than the other ones…although I will say I do love their white version is the advanced?therapy..?something like that. the white one and my favorite tinted one was always their rose one.
  • I believe it was sold for $24-25 that I will have to get back to you on–but…I was very happy with my purchase! I didn’t want the cute packaging to get scratched up and put it in its separate makeup bag.
  • lets just say its staying in my bag 24/7

Review: Kate Somerville Cold Cream Moisturizing Cleanser + Makeup Remover

Not sure if I wrote the whole list of what I bought during the VIB sale but it was not a lot. I just bought makeup remover in general, this being one of them because I was wondering if it was worth paying the full price(although I’ve always loved the exfoliKate line) Here are my thoughts:

  • what really made me love the product was the scent (the scent is incredibly beautiful) and it lingers in your bathroom once you rinse/remove the product which I absolutely LOVE
  • feels really nice going on, its not quite gel think but not watery either I think it works for all skin types including my dry/combination and usually sensitive and reactive skin
  • In the end after two attempts, I was able to remove my make up for ever foundation, luminizer, and crème blush
  • no dry or tight feeling after removal of makeup infact skin feels soft and amazing!
  • 3oz for $48 but I did not use much to remove my makeup

rating this one 10/10 because I would pay the full price and the scent…so good.

Now, This is Directed Not Only to My Best Friend but Other Readers.

contacting someone you really liked in high school because you found them on facebook is that a yay or a nay.

Lets just say I loved this man so much I would run out my door to hug him. Very unlike me right. I’d be like “gotta go he’s outside.” How did I someone who had the balls to do that become so shy. I also said things like “you know what, I really like you” while I held his hands. To make this awkward topic weirder, I finally saw that neighbor with the mad skills up front.  His face was so handsome it was like I was in the twilight zone. I didn’t know what hit me he was so handsome. When he realized I may be leaving he gave me the saddest smile. I was like “you know I could stay” though my eyes.