Habits I Should Change.

Through the years I had health issues, or my hair changed, I have ended up using up or throwing out product and wasting money. Lucky for me I have friends that go “if its yours I will take it” It wasn’t until a read an article with a dermatologist that I realized I was being wasteful and I should downsize more. I’ve realized that in the end, my skin type as dry as it is when it comes to moisturizers im combination. I use dry skin creams and I’m not getting what I need. The best tinted sunscreen I’ve ever used is between these three: juice beauty stem cellular cc, suntegrity, and drunk elephant’s umbra tinte. I like using both oils and cleansing balms but prefer cleansing balms because of my heavy application/reapplying of sunscreen. If it were an oil, my two favorites and recommendation is definitely tatcha’s cleansing oil or boscia’s makeup breakup. Cleansing balm wise its between the dermalogica pre cleanse balm, Sunday Riley’s blue moon, or the Clinique take the day off cleansing balm. My hair is in such a dry tangly place the only items I used and swear by daily are creamy things like its a 10’s leave ins, the John Masters Organics rose and apricot hair milk or a mixture of its a 10 with Orlando Pita’s split end cream(amazing by the way) if I want to act like I tried harder i’ll dab on some don’t blow it ,ouai wave spray or blow dry it with the shu uemura gold tube cream. I buy other hair products but find myself a dab on some leave in and run out the door kind of person-98% of the time. It wasn’t until someone said that my natural hair was awesome that I quit straightening my hair. That was the end of 2011.

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