Products, Routines, and Suggestions.

Some days I just can’t sleep whether its the caffeine or weather but today’s one of those rainy boring Fridays and I’m just looking around at products. I’m also thinking about which wonderful samples that I scored that I should use next…possibly the Christophe Robin seal salt scrub or the Leonor Greyl you know the one with the gold decoration around the bottle. I’m also thinking about future purchases like the OUAI hair & body shine mist that looks awesome. Sephora employees were so nice on my last visit I scored a mini version of the wave spray? What I NEED is a good night cream. Oils are good but I’m thinking a rich cream and I’ve narrowed it down to 2. Ooh and has anyone seen the new Rodin face cream? That looks amazing. It also costs less than the oil so you wonder if you go through the cream more but overall I’m just more of a cream moisturizer than oil girl. I do like the Miranda Kerr Kora organics oil though!

As for my haircare I’m really partial to the brown John Masters series. It’s so good my hair has been doing its own thing lately where it wasn’t as big and it was dry so that honey & hibiscus line is a lifesaver. The final touch is usually the apricot& rose hair milk or I’ll spray on some its a 10 or put on some living proof oil. When I don’t use JMO I’ll do the peppermint shampoo from Malin+Goetz(surprise I bought a bottle) and throw on some its a 10 miracle deep conditioner I think its what its called the orange and blue tube. Detangles like no other and smells nice.

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