Review: Pixi beauty rose products

I broke out in two areas only on my left side of my face. Still wondering if it was a food ingredient or the one cream sample I used for 4-5 days…its still a mystery. I looked to see what was gentle, easy to purchase locally, and top quality for not a lot of money…and found out that pixi carries a line of rose products!

My choice out of all the rose products were: the rose cream cleanser($18), rose tonic(small size was $15) and last but not least the rose ceramide cream($24) all three items were incredible. My skin had become so sensitized but I still had to wear sunscreen and it was just awful the past 4 days or so. I was so blown away by how gentle and soothing the products were on my red/itchy skin. I’m not really into clay but there’s clay?kaolin in the cleanser and its still so gentle and easy to wash off the tonic smells like heaven and the ceramide cream was perfect. If I’m not wrong, the ceramide cream has yogurt in it? I highly recommend these 3 products and will probably use them for the next week or two straight until I see a full recovery of my skin. I may never purchase another toner either.


Habits I Should Change.

Through the years I had health issues, or my hair changed, I have ended up using up or throwing out product and wasting money. Lucky for me I have friends that go “if its yours I will take it” It wasn’t until a read an article with a dermatologist that I realized I was being wasteful and I should downsize more. I’ve realized that in the end, my skin type as dry as it is when it comes to moisturizers im combination. I use dry skin creams and I’m not getting what I need. The best tinted sunscreen I’ve ever used is between these three: juice beauty stem cellular cc, suntegrity, and drunk elephant’s umbra tinte. I like using both oils and cleansing balms but prefer cleansing balms because of my heavy application/reapplying of sunscreen. If it were an oil, my two favorites and recommendation is definitely tatcha’s cleansing oil or boscia’s makeup breakup. Cleansing balm wise its between the dermalogica pre cleanse balm, Sunday Riley’s blue moon, or the Clinique take the day off cleansing balm. My hair is in such a dry tangly place the only items I used and swear by daily are creamy things like its a 10’s leave ins, the John Masters Organics rose and apricot hair milk or a mixture of its a 10 with Orlando Pita’s split end cream(amazing by the way) if I want to act like I tried harder i’ll dab on some don’t blow it ,ouai wave spray or blow dry it with the shu uemura gold tube cream. I buy other hair products but find myself a dab on some leave in and run out the door kind of person-98% of the time. It wasn’t until someone said that my natural hair was awesome that I quit straightening my hair. That was the end of 2011.

Things I Asked For(Japan)

So here’s what I asked for and actually got(woowoo)

DHC cotton

the huge resealable version of the Koh Gen Do cleasing spa water wipes

Chanel lip glosses(they will wrap your stuff so fancy you wont want to go to no average mall to purchase Chanel gloss. seriously.)

Koh Gen Do moisture foundation

Paul & Joe stuff.


Review: WELEDA skin food original ultra-rich cream

Where do I even start with this product. This product is so good for those of us that have thirsty/dry/chapped skin. I bought this many years ago through I’m guessing Birchbox? I bought it on a whim what sold me was the ridiculously cool green metal tube with the white lid and the description. The name was kind of odd at first but I was like its natural I’m in. I forgot how much I loved the item and don’t know if I previously reviewed it so I’m here to review it today!

Why I love this cream?

  • price is generally between $9-15 depending on where you purchase it but I may have seen it somewhere for about $7 something…but that’s rare.
  • Looks like the newer tube is now plastic which I’m completely fine with
  • the thick/richness of this product is fantastic for my dry chapped hands and I do put it on my face too.
  • the scent is very… going with that since its not floral in a rose or freesia kinda way–also not citrus-y in any way but just a mixture of plants, and wonderful stuff mixing together. To me not offputting in any way. That is my opinion some people may find it strong.
  • Initially, you’ll see a nice sheen when you apply it then your skin drinks it up and its gone
  • thank goodness for AMAZON selling WELEDA it makes my job so easy!! THANK YOU AMAZON–and the company I bought the cream from!!woo woo!

Review: Briogeo Scalp Revival charcoal+coconut oil micro-exfolianting shampoo

  • sulfate free, silicone free, and paraben free
  • some of the great ingredients in the product include: coconut oil(ofcourse) castor oil, panthenol, tea tree leaf oil, charcoal powder, peppermint oil, ginger root oil, spearmint leaf oil
  • the grain-bead things in there are not abrasive their gentle but get the job done its not thick like the other two scalp scrubs I own but the tingly feeling brought by the tea tree and 2 mints were incredible
  • smells amazing if you love anything minty
  • the color is dark gray because im guessing the charcoal powder.

would I buy this again? Yup. 10/10 Briogeo products at least the ones I’ve tried have all been amazing and the pricepoint for something so natural and great its a winner. 10/10!

Drugstore Find:Burt’s Bees lavender & honey hand cream with shea butter

This hand cream was something I bought on a whim. I find myself washing my hands so much that its just always chapped so I like to throw in a hand cream or something almost goopy if that makes sense rich heavy like lucas papaw ointment. This hand cream is 99.0% natural which I think is amazing. Smells of lavender, honey and shea for sure. You will smell the subtle honey and shea but mostly the lavender but its not the strong lavender like some brands carry its milder thanks to the honey. Hands are instantly silky after one use. I know this is going to sound bad but its almost as good as this famous tube style hand cream that costs more…don’t get me wrong I like the brand too but this one is a keeper for the price. Like most Burt’s bees products, a winner.

10/10 because the price was like $5 for 1 oz and you use so little each time. Tube will go a long way.

Review: OUAI hair + body shine mist

This mist was by far my favorite item from the OUAI line. I thought I liked the scalp+body scrub? This mist blew me away because its so simple and easy. The mist smells just like rose hair+body oil and the scrub. If you like that scent well then the mist should be something you try. It sprays out nice and I use it for my arms and legs. The scent lingers for hours and here and there you’re like wait that wonderful scent is that…me? As for the shiny part I don’t know if I saw that much shine but it gave my skin a silky feeling and I loved the way my body felt after I sprayed it!

If I were to rate this I’m giving it the full 10/10.

Review: Christophe Robin cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt

Finally decided to try this product because my hair looked like it needed a wash but I also didn’t feel like doing much and after reading the description it was exactly what I was looking for. To use it, you just wet your hair massage it in and rinse it off, follow it with some kinda cream or oil to keep the ends from being dry/frizzy I’m guessing. I did exactly what it said and was quit impressed and how great my hair looked after 1 use. I don’t exactly know how much you’re to use so that part I’m going to say “go with your preference” I probably used 2 quarter sized or so amounts. Less than I thought I would but it was more gritty than the OUAI version and I was hesitant at first but the scent was so good/clean/classy. I don’t talk enough about the brand but they make some really good stuff. This scrub is no different!

Some of my other favorite Christophe Robin items in case you plan to try them or are interested is the lemon cleanser(worked really well when I’d dye my hair red and generally it was about 4-6 shades lighter than my own hair and would damage it so it was sensitive) and I also really loved the lavender oil I think it was. I overdid the oil on the tips once and let’s just say it looked bad…you only need the smallest amount because its rich and good. if there was a bowing emoji i’d insert in here.

Products, Routines, and Suggestions.

Some days I just can’t sleep whether its the caffeine or weather but today’s one of those rainy boring Fridays and I’m just looking around at products. I’m also thinking about which wonderful samples that I scored that I should use next…possibly the Christophe Robin seal salt scrub or the Leonor Greyl you know the one with the gold decoration around the bottle. I’m also thinking about future purchases like the OUAI hair & body shine mist that looks awesome. Sephora employees were so nice on my last visit I scored a mini version of the wave spray? What I NEED is a good night cream. Oils are good but I’m thinking a rich cream and I’ve narrowed it down to 2. Ooh and has anyone seen the new Rodin face cream? That looks amazing. It also costs less than the oil so you wonder if you go through the cream more but overall I’m just more of a cream moisturizer than oil girl. I do like the Miranda Kerr Kora organics oil though!

As for my haircare I’m really partial to the brown John Masters series. It’s so good my hair has been doing its own thing lately where it wasn’t as big and it was dry so that honey & hibiscus line is a lifesaver. The final touch is usually the apricot& rose hair milk or I’ll spray on some its a 10 or put on some living proof oil. When I don’t use JMO I’ll do the peppermint shampoo from Malin+Goetz(surprise I bought a bottle) and throw on some its a 10 miracle deep conditioner I think its what its called the orange and blue tube. Detangles like no other and smells nice.

This Spring Sun!

I finally went ahead and bought 4-6 more sunscreens because this spring sun has been hitting me hard. I’m like how can it be so cold and so sunny? Here are the sunscreens I purchased in the last few days:

  • Josie Maran moisturizer with spf47
  • Suntegrity the silver one
  • both versions of the Umbra sunscreens from Drunk Elephant and who would’ve thought the original version was so much larger? Score!
  • this brand which my friend recommended

now if ONLY I could find an easier way to purchase mdsolarsciences I’d be ecstatic. There is a brand I want to try that I saw on someone’s empty today–hmm. Never thought that there would be a day where I rave about sunscreen and then I hit my 30s.