Wide Awake at 152am…

I ended up making stupid decisions and I’m charging my electronics/gadgets right now. Found out it’s going to take like another hour to charge. Thought I’d tell you I may have found my favorite male friend/soulmate. Remember how I said all I really want from a guy I date from this point on was someone who wanted to check up on me to make sure I didn’t die? Well that just happened. It melted my heart.

As for customer service…has anyone noticed how nice the ladies at the Sephora in the JCP locations are compared to the larger sephora stores because I noticed.  I probably talked about my friend who used to work at the sephora inside the JCP she was like if I could go back–so I’m guessing it was a great experience. People around me told me they were hiring and I was like “but what if I end up buying everything I don’t need.” The response from my friends and family were “on a second thought don’t.”

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