Brand Spotlight: Mad Hippie

Where to start on this brand? The products are made in Portland, Oregon I believe(will check back on that just in case) and as far as I know Portland is like the capital of great organic products and Mad Hippie is amazing. I bought the face cream not suprising it was the last one there. The bottle is adorable its a pump type moisturizer and smells like a dream. To me, it smells like passionfruit or something exotic and yummy its not coconut-y just more fruit like in a good way. The ingredients are fantastic some of the ingredients include argan oil, white tea, vitamin e, peptides. I probably paid $25 or less and there’s an ounce and one full pump was too much product. You gotta be careful with how much you get out because its really moisturizing and you don’t need a whole lot and I have dry skin! No reaction and smooth skin…so…its a winner for me. Glad I gambled on this one.

Matcha powder and vanilla frozen yogurt!

Its been a couple days since I started drinking my water filled with matcha powder. If there’s anything I love its matcha. All things matcha whether its ice cream, the syrup they make for shaved ice, just drinking the matcha hot with no sugar.  I can’t get enough. I’m on my last pack so I was hesistant but also realized it was going to expire sometime between now and next month and decided to just enjoy the heck out of it. What I do is I get a about 2-5 tablespoons and blend it into my water bottles (yes a couple so I can get like 2-4 servings or more out of it)and throw it in my bag when I go out. Between the matcha powder and the frozen yogurt and tofu and  I started eating my skin is looking so smooth and it glows. I get so many compliments and I even found a very cool guy nodding at me and I don’t know why but I started to nod too.

What I realized about frozen yogurt especially the vanilla type is it goes with everything. You can just add fresh or frozen fruit, sprinkle on peanut powder and if I feel like I want both matcha and the vanilla together I just sprinkle the matcha powder onto my vanilla froyo! So in my current diet there’s chicken, eggs, tofu, matcha, frozen yogurt peanut powder and other nuts including walnuts, peanuts, almonds, popcorn(replacing my chips)and bananas! Although I am going to go out and purchase blueberries soon! I need a new mixer so I can make some smoothies. I broke the last one…Is anyone else as excited about April as I am?

Favorite Hair Products of the Moment.

I was able to test some new (and other products that have been out)and would love to write reviews on them because they have become some of my favorites!

First item I’m reviewing is the Bumble and bumble. curl butter masque. This masque is the more rich version of the curl care line’s conditioner. I like all the items so far from the curl line but the masque smells fresh and it was easy to rinse off and left my waves bouncy. $39 for 5oz but I would definitely purchase this!

The second item I used and will review is the Leonor Greyl shampooing au miel-gentle volumizing shampoo. This shampoo smells like honey and roses I definitely smell the honey and its not bad at all. The texture of the shampoo is very much like honey its a little sticky but not tacky easy to lather they tell you to add some water which is what I did. Once I apply it I feel like its working magic because my scalp even feels nice with the product on. It rinses out nice, I didn’t think it was drying infact it was less drying than most of my current shampoos I use(I switch products around now a lot)I saw improvement within seconds. I love it and people around me complimented my “very healthy hair.” I rate this one a 9.5/10 its almost perfect and definitely on my purchase soon-list. $35 for 4oz. I’m so picky about shampoo and this was pretty impressive. I could rate my favorites on a list and this is definitely one of ’em.

Last but not least I’m reviewing the final product I tried and loved, the John Masters Organics repair hair mask with honey & hibiscus. This hair mask has a very natural strong scent. It reminds me of oriental medicine–or something very natural herbal..its strong in scent but usually for me that means its going to work wonders on my split ends, dryness limpness…I used this along with the LG gentle volumizing shampoo because they both contain honey and I always heard honey was great on damaged hair. It comes in a very hip pump style brown bottle I did about a 1/2 palm of my hand sized amount from root to tip and let it sit for 3 minutes. They say it came be used twice a week or more and you keep the product on between 3-5 minutes and I thought it made my hair so silky! I was currently trying to find something a little cheaper than my Rahua masque because that will be running out soon! I would rate this masque a 10/10 and the price is $39 for 5oz.

Wide Awake at 152am…

I ended up making stupid decisions and I’m charging my electronics/gadgets right now. Found out it’s going to take like another hour to charge. Thought I’d tell you I may have found my favorite male friend/soulmate. Remember how I said all I really want from a guy I date from this point on was someone who wanted to check up on me to make sure I didn’t die? Well that just happened. It melted my heart.

As for customer service…has anyone noticed how nice the ladies at the Sephora in the JCP locations are compared to the larger sephora stores because I noticed.  I probably talked about my friend who used to work at the sephora inside the JCP she was like if I could go back–so I’m guessing it was a great experience. People around me told me they were hiring and I was like “but what if I end up buying everything I don’t need.” The response from my friends and family were “on a second thought don’t.”

Review: French Girl Organics Lumiere rose doree shimmer oil

I’ve been using this twice a day the scent is light and lovely and the color is pretty. You can’t see too much of the pink but it does make my skin look smoother. I use it primarily on my arms. The bottle you can actually twist off incase you’re wondering it is a push pump style but you can unscrew the lid. I had to unscrew the lid because initially the oil was not liquid enough to pump out and once I mixed it around it worked out much better. Its in a glass jar so that is the dangerous part-store somewhere cool and maybe where you’ll remember it is because it would be too tragic to drop and break. I’d repurchase!

I’ve used it for so many days and yet I’ve only used like 1/10 of the bottle which is not bad at all. 2oz=$50

Review: r+co park avenue blow out balm

You know your hair is dry/tangly when you decide after years that it’s time to blow dry your hair to make it look less damaged. There’s one person I envy when it comes to smooth hair and it’s Meghan Markle. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to chop off anything so for a couple days I went ahead and used my sample of the r+co park avenue. Here are my thoughts:

  • scent reminded me of peanut oil? why don’t ask but I like peanut oil and butter so not a problem for me. maybe my sample was old who knows lol
  • its creamy and easy to dab on I overdid it I’d recommend you put on a little bit and mostly on the ends
  • dried my hair quicker and it was smoother looking but because my hair is so badly damaged it was still tangly but looked much more appealing
  • I enjoyed the product. my hair was beyond repair and I cut off about 6 inches
  • I’d rate this product a 8.5/10 I do recommend it. What I love about r+co is that they offer travel sized products for those of us who want less commitment or take things on travel! I’d even gift this because it seems everyone except for 2 of my friends blow out their hair.

Mind Blown.

Just found out Elizabth Olsen is the face of Bobbi Brown cosmetics now. Ah-mazing. How pretty is she. If only I had her skin…I tell ya. After I vented for some time yesterday I realized that no matter how rude that lady was to me I was not supposed to give in and get upset. Its 2019 its a new less sensitive and less irritated Annie 2.0! Dear supportive reader, thank you-because you cheered me up!

I do have some things I want to review in the next few days and I’m super stoked about it! Also bought the most amazing bohemian-liberty-esque design you know with the floral design top from Ross. It is so cute I feel guilty about paying so little. Ross never fails me. I want to spend my big $$ on the select pieces like good bags a good sneaker but everything else I’d like to check every aisle at Ross and TJ MAXX because you never know what you find. Its really impressive.



Worst Customer Service Ever.

The customer service woman was so rude I’ve officially decided to quit doing business with the company. If there weren’t privacy laws I’d tell you who this company was! Rude! I will not be using them to send friends gifts either. Never.

Review: Kiehl’s buttermask intense repair lip treatment

Been using this lip mask for some time now-I like it very much and it smells delicious like cocoa butter but not as strong as most cocoa butter products. I love all things cocoa butter so really in the end, its a win-win for me.

I’m definitely repurchasing. The next lip product on my mind is definitely the mint-version of the fresh lip treatment. If anyone gets to try that, I’d love to know about it!

Review: bite beauty agave sugar lip scrub

My thoughts on the product:

  • more gritty than the original cherry version
  • the other part that’s not the gritty sugar, almost too watery and runny in my opinion but blends well together
  • smells very sweet and delicious like maple and caramel put into one
  • worked quite well
  • 9/10 on this one. Love how natural it is and how I put too much product on the first try. A little goes a long way.