Review: Diptyque Centifolia candle

This is new to my collection and current favorite. It’s a somewhat spicy rose just like the description. Previously I bought most of their sweeter, honey and rose type scents but they come off way too sweet and this spice was exactly what I was looking for. Some days I burn it on its own other days I burn it side by side with the Byredo burning rose. I love the color of the glass and the design very hip.

I’d repurchase this candle. I bought the small candle because I wanted to try it first and I absolutely love it. I give this one a 9/10 because it’s diptyque items it’s pricey!

Review: Olio E Osso “No.6”

I debated for some time as to which color I’d purchase when it came to the more portable twist type offered(I own the large jar and love it) I ended up with no.6 because I love all things with a bronze tint. Here are my thoughts:

  • smells like citrus
  • feels lightweight but still moisturizing I wouldn’t use it as a lip balm because its not as moisturizing as a lip balm I feel like I need something heavier
  • two swipes and I do see some color
  • tiny for the price but great ingredients: shea oil, organic olive oil, beeswax, grapefruit essential oil, mica

my verdict overall I would gift this to someone because of how natural it is. I never forgot how wonderful the customer service was for the brand when I spoke with them a couple years ago. They craft their stuff in Portland, Oregon and its super cute.  The outside box is also a work of art.


Has Anyone Checked out the Anthropologie beauty/wellness section?

I just got back from surfing the net. I don’t need to buy anything from the Anthropologie site but wow the lineup is insane. They carry very unique items that contain things like matcha(I love matcha if I haven’t shared that here by the way all things matcha will work in my mind, drinking it eating it putting it on my dry hair) I thought about gifting things for my friends there its insane. If I had a crapload of money-let me tell you. If I haven’t said it already that French Girl brand is really good too. My friend got me some stuff from the brand one year and I loved it.

This month was full of suprises both good and bad. Mostly good in my opinion. I realized my friendships were so strong that I never have to look for others. I wrote the guy my friend tried to set me up with and he blew me off and I was like oh well. She joked I should go to tinder how does that work annnd I had Chinese food for the first time in 8years. I had my fix and I wont go back for another 8 years. I’m back to stocking up my fridge with a lot of good stuff after this week. I’m feeling refreshed! Positive thinking positive thinking! If you have any advice on what is incredible and sold in the beauty category at anthropologie please leave me a message here do tell! I’d appreciate it very much.

My Favorites/Feb ’19

I really dig the Sunday Riley blue moon cleansing balm but using the ceramic slip with it is such a great double cleanse because my skin seems clearer brighter pores smaller. My ceramic slip 1oz tube from the trial set I bought from Sephora is finally empty so I just bought a full size tube!For some reason some Sephora’s don’t want to carry the blue moon in store and its bumming. I feel like if you carry the ceramic slip you might as well carry the blue moon but maybe selective numbers like 2-3 if that’s a limit. I’d buy it. I went ahead and bought myself another tube of dermalogica pre cleanse balm though. I tell myself I won’t because I go through so much in so little time but that’s also a real good makeup remover for sensitive skin/people that wear tons of sunscreen like myself.

I also bought these two items: the Byredo vetyver rinse free hand wash if you’re wondering why I bought vetyver its because I always wanted to smell it and I knew if I didn’t like it as much a guy could use it because it wouldn’t be too floral. The scent was light but awesome. Its very thin and creamy and I used too much on my first try so really just go easy on the tube. A little goes a long way. Then ofcourse the jao brand sunbeam illuminator with spf 30. I mix it with jao brand goe oil (which is expensive but insanely good I only use goe oil in the winter time) I use it only on my arms, legs or anywhere where I’m so dry I’m like powder if that makes any sense. I like how people will smell it and go “what is that some kinda exotic tea and gardenia?” I don’t know so im like maybe. that works.

Review: Stila Lingerie Souffle Skin Perfecting Primer “sun-kissed”

New to my bronzer collection is this primer. Here’s some of my thought/info on the product:

  • comes in a heavy glass jar (the jar is clear and the lid is a very pretty rose gold screw on-type lid and it will actually click when closed)
  • Less than a dime-size amount gets the job done(that’s just me so opinions and preferences may vary)I mix it with a much lighter cc cream I got on accident.
  • Although product is liquid and starts off like a cream I think the finish is almost powder like
  • I feel like it makes me look less like a zombie on bad days!
  • no breakouts/reactions
  • 1oz=$36

I’d rate this product a 9/10 I worry about dropping the jar and put it leaning on a corner of the bathroom sink.

“Happy?I’m Ecstatic.”

This happened in the last few days:

I was gifted this bag full of goodies as one of those gift with purchase deals and it was loaded with incredible gifts and as you know my father has this weird thing where his hand creams have to have shea butter in it. My mom is always complaining about how his hand cream smells too strong. He uses so much hand cream I joke that his hands are smoother than mine. I knew he was out of his go-to brand and read that the Caudalie brand hand and nail cream  had shea butter in it and put it on his computer desk. He looked at me funny and went what do I owe ya. I was like “it was free.” He tried it and continued to rave about it and went on about how he liked L’occitane(I still use L’occitane rose)but loved how the Caudalie brand did not leave his hands greasy and absorbed quick. Now I know what to get him for special occasions!

On to my friend’s birthday gift. I spent weeks thinking about what to put in her box and finalized it and sent it off early. The company put some wonderful samples in there she said she immediately spritzed the perfume sample. She loves it so much she is taking it with her on a getaway. She was like” happy? I’m ecstatic!” Now I’m tempted to ask for a sample of that perfume. I had to go in and look at the product. she was like “read the description, read the description!”


Brand Spotlight: various Bioderma products!

Hydrabio gel crème:

smells like heaven it is not unscented but fresh and delightful. made for normal to combo skin no reactions and sinks in quick. I like it!

Mild cleansing foaming gel:

Thin in texture very easy to wash off no tight feeling after rinsing off but I would recommend using a cleansing oil or something prior to this because I wouldn’t think this could remove all makeup/waterproof.

atoderm ultra nourishing anti-irritation shower oil:

feels like a cross of a shower gel and a lightweight oil not heavy smells amazing infact what I love about this product is that it smells so good and feels nice on my dry skin. The price point is pretty amazing too. I believe it was 10bucks!

Empties: Jan 2019

  • Mario Badescu aloe vera toner
  • Peter Thomas Roth water drench cloud cream cleanser
  • Koh Gen Do cleansing spa water
  • dermalogica pre cleanse balm .5oz
  • Juice beauty stem cellular cc cream
  • its a 10 miracle deep conditioner plus keratin

sampled: Jurlique calendula redness rescue soothing moisturizing cream, Leonor Greyl éclat naturel, Yarok feed your curls defining creme