Review: DevaCurl Melt Into Moisture Matcha Butter Conditioning Mask.

Here are my thoughts on the product:

  • smells really sweet like candy/cake to me almost like vanilla frosting
  • ingredients include olive fruit oil, beet root extract, panthenol, sweet almond oil, sunflower seed oil to name a few
  • its one of those once a week type masks and you can keep it on between 3 minutes(which is what I did)or wear a cap and put it on for 15-20 minutes and if you want more deep conditioning you can keep it on overnight!
  • brought back some moisture and silkiness to my wavy dry hair

product quality wise I give this a 10/10 very impressed by the mask not to mention the matcha color.

Review: Yarok Feed Your Curls Defining Creme

Sampled this and here are my thoughts:

  • smells natural not overpowering
  • ingredients include aloe, argan oil, peppermint…
  • can be used as a leave-in, used with a hair diffuser (I use it as a leave in and just scrunch my hair)
  • quarter sized amount put in right after washing and conditioning and waves are enhanced. Someone said my hair looked so much healthier and more voluminous!
  • 10/10 great product also clean ingredients!

Review: Sunday Riley Blue Moon

I finally tried Sunday’s blue moon and here are my thoughts:

  • balm to cleansing oil sounds about right it melts into your palms
  • the texture is like a cross of May Lindstrom’s blue cocoon and dermalogica’s precleanse balm
  • smells like cocoa mixed with a hint of citrus you’d have to try hard to really smell anything if you ask me
  • rinses off easily/skin doesn’t feel stripped and the moment you put it on its soothing
  • I like to follow this with the S.R. ceramic slip cleanser
  • blue tansy, cocoa, and citrus are among some of the cool ingredients of this beautiful balm
  • I don’t recommend using just this to take off makeup if you wear lots or waterproof I don’t even think I can use just the blue moon to remove everything..

I do love everything about the product. I’d rate this a 9.5/10 You don’t need to use a lot so that’s a plus but if you’re already into the ceramic slip and you use them together–amazing skin results. I’m on the drier side and can really appreciate oils and cleansing balms during the colder winter months!

Review: Leonor Greyl Eclat Naturel texturizing styling cream

Sampled this cool product this week. Here are my thoughts:

scent: I think its floral but depends on opinion it does linger

texture of product: medium rich not too thick easy to rub into palm and style hair

end results: hair has a little more movement less “blah” if you will.

I did not see much of a detangling quality to it but enjoyed how it made my somewhat limp/dull hair look.

I’d rate this an 8/10 its pricey but its like a fancy brilliantine if you like creamy-or wax like styling products.

Drugstore Finds: Winter Edition.

Here are a couple of my current favorites:

*Rhoto dry aid lubricant eye drops(purchased at Rite Aid for under $15)

*Purell hand sanitizing wipes

*Wet ones antibacterial wipes

I have been using the eyedrops daily and it works like a gem. 2 drops per eye and I’m good to go. I feel instant relief. It’s almost as good as the gel drop type I always use and still use but with less goopiness to have to wipe off.

As for the sanitizing wipes they’re both awesome. I throw one or the other in my bag at all times now. The purell version smells incredible its a fresh scent the best smelling wipes I’ve ever smelled actually! Purell version is non-alcohol and has 20 wipes and is resealable

finally the wet ones I like to purchase in the inidividual packaging cause its handy that way there’s two times however many there is in a box(which i’ll have to get back to you on that)this one does contain alcohol but smells good, and is said to get rid of 99.99% of germs and that works for me!

Budgets Help With Everything.

The one thing I’ve learned in the past year or so is to come up with a budget. I like when people ask me what I want and I immediately in a non-offensive way go “what is my top dollar of this budget/wishlist.” You know at first the person is going to be like “well I can’t…tell you how much cause its..a gift…60bucks” hahaha. You then go “ok let me see what I can think of” there’s always something ya know? A couple years ago I wanted the tatcha cleansing oil and someone wanted to get me something so I was like “tatcha cleansing oil its 36 bucks(it was at the time not sure what the current price is) I don’t want anything else just the cleansing oil.” It was one of the coolest things I ever got as gift.  I must’ve used this product every day I didn’t need to second cleanse and it never stripped my skin and smelled like something from heaven. Honestly out of cleansing oils the tatcha one and the boscia one are my favorite and 3rd in line is Burt’s bees.

My wonderful friend was like “I remember you telling me how much you loved ULTA” and I was like “ok” she was like “so check your inbox” and I found an e-card she sent me. I bought my favorites which included the Garnier micellar water, and a cc cream.   Even while I was ordering online I was thinking about a budget for my shipment which was $250 that would include everything  for the next 9 months so ofcourse I planned on getting a huge bottle of Bioderma and forgot! The one thing I started doing different is that I never order during holidays, I don’t order during the hot summers and I give myself an online-shopping break. The only other online orders I make are for friend’s gifts and sudden I forgot to get them something and there’s express shipping moments. I joked to my friend I don’t care about how expensive the shipping fee is if it gets to her the way she prefers. She was like “just give me slow shipping” so I was like “ok…if that’s what ya want.” My one friend lives in California where my favorite store is located so when I choose the 5 day shipping method it gets there in 2 so its like the best $5.95 you can spend! She loves the company so much that its all I use now.  I do not use budgets on my friends though. My dad laughs a lot he’s like “you don’t even buy me stuff” I go “you only want shaving cream and shea butter stuff.” He was like ” that is a fact.” My father is now on the nivea men shaving cream train that I have been on for some time. He loves it and says he doesn’t know why he didn’t get it all this time. This amazing shaving cream is about $2.85-3.50 best budget shaving cream I’ve ever used. He uses the blue version I use the white.



Empties: Dec 2018

  • Boscia make up break up cool cleansing oil 5oz
  • Bioderma red lid 500ml
  • lucas papaw ointment 15g
  • aveeno baby eczema therapy night time balm 1oz


sampled: fresh rose deep hydration face cream, Kiehl’s cucumber herbal conditioning cleanser, Clarins blue orchid face treatment oil

taking any questions! also thank you for reading! Happy New Year!