Celebrating Christmas Early/gifts that I got.

Here are some of the cool stuff I got this year:

  • its a 10 miracle moisture shampoo
  • Koh gen do cleansing spa water
  • Evian facial spray(I got the huge bottle yay!)
  • Burt’s bees cleansing oil(many bottles)
  • Koh gen do cotton
  • not a beauty product but UGG mittens which had me all giddy.
  • leggings that were too small/2 various colors.

I really just hinted out what I wanted/ could use and people gifted it for me. Aside from that I was given cash.  I plan to use some of this cash to purchase a couple beauty products and maybe a decent haircut. That is my 2019 plan.

Dear Favorite Friend/Reader

In case I don’t tell you enough, thank you for everything. I adore you and I truly appreciate how supportive you have been. I hope you read this and know that “yes” you are my best friend you don’t have to say “I thought I was your best friend” because you were and always are-and I wouldn’t trade you for a million bucks…and if I DID win a million bucks, I’d buy a house close to yours(since you live in a fancier area)and I’d relocate and then take your family out to dinner! I MISS YOU but I never tell you enough!

love you

Review: Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil

I like Clarins. I like their lip products and their skincare. When my mom came home with a sample of the blue orchid face treatment oil going “I don’t know what to do with this-what is this” I said “well it’s mine now.” I’ve been using it for a couple days, I was using the Kora organics for almost 3 months or a little less but thought maybe I should switch things up for a couple months so it was perfect timing. Here’s what I thought of the product:

-smells very strong, I’d say it smelled masculine almost like male cologne

-sinks in quick

-does not give me any irritation or burning sensation

-face glows after application

-I don’t add anything else and just slap on sunscreen(mine are generally moisturizing but..)and I don’t feel a tight feeling.

Overall because people paid me compliments on my skin pretty much overnight its a 8/10. The smell is almost overwhelming but the product works for me.

Diptyque “sapine” pine candle

I love winter and all things like cranberry, gingerbread, and pine scented stuff. I finally saved some money and bought the Diptyque “sapine” pine candle (bought the huge one because I’ll be burning it every day)and it hasn’t failed me. After a couple minutes of it being lit, the scent is surrounding you making you feel warm and happy. I just sit there sipping my hot cup of pike place coffee and I feel so happy. The simple things can really make you happy.

I’m so happy with my candle, I’m going to purchase the room spray–thank you Diptyque!

I buy in bulk!

I was asked by father if I wanted anything from Amazon. The first and only think I could think of was Lucas papaw ointment. Every since they came out with the smaller slanted applicator its more easy to use. It kinda reminds me of a more rock and roll version of Aquaphor lip repair(which I love to this day) so I just got the shipment and I was super excited. Now I have a whole bunch to slather on my hands during these cold months(today’s exceptional warm but…still)

My friends are like what do you buy in bulk? In case I never write about it here: Aquaphor lip repair, lucas papaw ointment, Neutrogena pink grapefruit body wash, and dove cool essentials spray deodorant and sensodyne?is that how you spell it I use sensodyne all the time because my teeth are so sensitive and drink gobs and gobs of coffee(im back to drinking coffee btw!!woo).


Empties: November 2018

  • OleHenriksen truth serum 1oz
  • Suntegrity 5-in-1 sunscreen “light”
  • Josie Maran argan daily moisturizer spf 47
  • Arcona white tea purifying cleanser
  • Gloss Moderne clean luxury shampoo .23oz x5
  • Gloss Moderne clean luxury conditioner .23oz x4
  • OUAI treatment masque x3
  • Pond’s original fresh moisture clean towelettes
  • Koh Gen Do pure cotton
  • Malin + Goetz peppermint body scrub

sampled: iles formula haute performance shampoo, conditioner, finishing serum, drybar southern belle volume boosting shampoo+ conditioner