The Joys of Gifting/Receiving e-cards

Well I gotta say it is one of the most amazing things that has happened in this modern era. Not only is gifting it easy(you just need recipient’s email) receiving and using it are so easy! Its so smooth. My awesome friend just got me this badass starbucks e-card and all this talk I’ve been doing about getting my hands on coffee now that my braces are about to come off…she gets me.  She was like go get some coffee!! So ofcourse I bought a crapload of coffee with it and I’m stoked about December(I know we’re not there yet but close…)I’m always going to tell people I want an e-card for special occasions.

The best part of the e-cards is that you don’t have to worry in this day and age where it is… because with an e-card, you even get the “we sent it” email you even get to choose what day it is to arrive. What a gem!



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