Review: Iles Formula shampoo,conditioner, and serum

I tried the 3 piece set and here are my thoughts:

  • smells nice not overpowering
  • texture is not too rich or too thin
  • instructions tell you to use less product and add more water so maybe next time i’ll use less
  • left conditioner on for 2 minutes
  • serum is a lightweight not quite gel like texture not quite an oil but similar to a lightweight leave in cream easy to smooth on
  • after about an hour or two, my hair started to look really good people around me that noticed the improvements were like “what did you do”
  • wished it had more of a detangling thing going because my ends are a mess but…really that’s a minor issue for me.


I will be purchasing this in the upcoming months. Very pleased. I can tell my next-day hair is looking smooth and bouncy too.

Sephora and Ulta Sale-Here’s What I Bought!

The older I get the less I need(or atleast that’s my goal between now and spring of this year.)I’m not one to pass up on any discounts so I was super excited both stores were having sales side by side.  Here’s what I bought at Ulta: the Living proof. no frizz nourishing oil 3.4oz what shocked me was that its in a glass bottle. I finished all my oil samples from them and I thought why not I love the way it makes my hair feel and smells wonderful.

Here’s what I bought at Sephora: OleHenriksen truth serum 1.7oz, Sunday Riley blue moon cleansing balm.

I’m keeping it simple and keeping it where I purchase what I need not want. I think this cleansing balm I bought is going to come in handy when my skin flares up in the upcoming colder months. Super excited about the blue moon. The truth serum is something I started using about a month ago and so far I love it. I use it over the kora organics noni glow oil.

Review: First Aid Beauty Triple Protection Skin Tint w/ Goji berry spf 30 and f.a.b. Bendy Avocado Concealer

Two products I’m reviewing today are from the First Aid Beauty line also known as f.a.b. I’ve been a fan of theirs since trying the cream and the cleanser (both in blue tubes the larger cream in a jar well worth the money if you ask me) anyway…here is my review on the items

Triple Protection Skin Tint w/ Goji berry spf 30(I used light and it was perfect)

  • no scent/if there is its faint
  • lightweight and very thin in texture(I’d love it to be more gel like or thicker since my skin is super dry)
  • decent to medium coverage
  • zinc sun protection which is my preference
  • price is rather high for tiny bottle

rating this one a 8/10 I think the bottle should be about 4 ounces for the price and I want the texture to be more gel like if I were to repurchase because I found myself misting my face after applying. Good coverage though

Bendy Avocado Concealer

  • tried both the light and the medium
  • even though I was a light shade for the skin tint because I have bags and dark eye circles from time to time the darker shade “medium” was perfect
  • its hydrating
  • non-irritating
  • long lasting
  • covers well

I must say this product was pretty good almost as good or better than my tarte shape tape which I swear by so this one I rate 10/10 and once I run out of my shape tape its very likely I purchase this.


Bite Beauty Agave Lip Sets!

I probably don’t talk enough about the bite beauty agave lip masks but I truly love them and always wanted a mini-travel size. I owned the original and the champagne and my favorite of the two was the champagne because the tint in their is so universally pretty. Its this pearly pink and it smells like candy. I personally love the thick texture but it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

One afternoon, I’m surfing through the holiday sets on Sephora and I come across the two sets that include the agave lip masks and I’m like “hold on a minute” haha. So in the end I purchased the agave treat trio, and the sweet treats that has the “champagne” agave lip mask in it(they sell two styles/shades I’m guessing the other one is the original non-tinted version) The sets come in the most adorable packaging and the product size is pretty decent for the price. I was very pleased with my purchases. I always tell my friends and family I need something smaller and travel friendly and I currently have the candy cane agave lip mask on me at all times.

Let’s talk about the agave treat trio

  • comes in a very cute metal folding close type lid red and very holiday looking which I love
  • it comes in maple, candy cane, and clear
  • I have yet to try the maple one but the candy cane does smell like peppermint and it tingles on your lips!

Onto the sweet treats

  • comes in a nice screw lid-vitamin like jar
  • the set comes with a small size of the lip scrub, the lip balm stick type, and the agave lip mask
  • $12

These would be wonderful stocking stuffers. $12-18 Definitely great sets for the colder season. Heck honestly if you wanted to you could even do a thing where you go this one tube is for so and so and the this shade is more for this person and choose one each! I hope they make similar sets next year because I’m in.

Review: Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash

Had the opportunity to sample this gem and here are my thoughts!

Love how the Ursa Major products are unisex. I had already tried the shaving cream and the face wipes and loved them….

scent is natural on the stronger side so I know men would love it too. I can definitely smell the vetiver, the spearmint and the citrus.

easy to lather its very creamy not too thin its just right

Some of the ingredients were things I was already familiar with like blue tansy(great for sensitive or dry skin)aloe, white tea…other ingredients like orange and lemon are probably great because they give you a clear complexion!

They carry a 2oz tube version and a larger 8oz bottle version. the 2oz is $12 and the 8oz is $28.

I truly thought it was fantastic! So much so that I will be gifting this to my friend for Christmas.

Review: Nars AfterGlow Lip Balm

This lip balm is becoming one of my favorite staples in my makeup bag. It comes in a beautiful rose gold packaging, the shade is very light and natural I think its perfect for all skintones and it does not dry my lips although I do recommend a lip balm underneath if you’re lips are cracked. The downside to the product is how little is in there but I love the product and thought I’d put it out there. I hadn’t bought anything from NARS in a year or two but this one was something I was happy I bought! I like it so much I just recommended it to a good friend I was like “you need this in your life.” Then again I realized she just told me she was a “matte lip” kinda gal.

I think shade wise it is lighter but I do about 2 swipes/layers.


Still working out, switched out skincare. I’m currently using lots of arcona, some Tracie Martyn(the toner) the kora organics oil and here and there some OleHenriksen crème. My skin isn’t as dry and blotchy anymore thank goodness. Lots of cranberry and white tea products. The arcona cranberry gommage is way better than I imagined and I’m here to promote it! Not rough on you skin, smells fresh too.

I’m hoping this time next month, I’m 5-10 pounds lighter…but we’ll see.

OleHenriksen C-Rush Brightening Gel Creme

First OleHenriksen product I’ve tried and so far I like are my thoughts.

  • smells like orange creamsicle
  • jar is adorable orange and white and the lid has this adorable sliced orange image
  • you feel a slight tingle as you would with any vitamin-c product which makes me know its working
  • is lightweight and sinks in
  • I think skin is smoother after use(my opinion and others my vary but I think its good stuff)

Nothing negative to say about the product. Its easy it sinks into my skin quick. Somedays I’ll use it after I use a light oil other days I just use a toner and put this on. This product is a night product for me since I use other items in the daytime (mostly items with sunscreen)so its going to last me for some time. I generally dab about a nickel size because I feel my face is thirsty–but if you’re skin isn’t as dry as mine, you may be able to use less! 8.5/10

This humidity–YIKES

I don’t know how the weather is elsewhere but starting about yesterday, we’ve had insane humidity. That locked in with the 80+ degree heat/sun is tough on me. I found myself walking out the front door and instantly looking at my dog going “you sure you want to go on this walk” to where my dog gave me this “you’re not getting out of this miss” look. I was like “fine” and immediately spritzed myself with the mosquito repellant ONLY to find the one spot I missed-both my hands-was now getting bitten by a mosquito(in action)I swatted the hell out of that thing. I was quick enough to avoid any hardcore swelling either the mosquitos here are horrible. I don’t know if its because I’m eating better but the mosquitos bee-line for me both in and outside.

Aside from all this heat, my skin has freaked out since the last time I wrote here and I have been switching cleansers here and there while dabbing acne drying cream on my chin and cheeks. It works but my skin is still not-smooth enough for me to feel good to go out anywhere…I do think that the vitamin c cream/moisturizer I’m using is helping my skin though so I thought I’d write about that as I finish this post!

More reviews on other items in mid October–




Empties: September 2018

  • Eve Lom dynaspot
  • Drunk elephant d-bronzi anti pollution sunshine drops .17oz
  • MDSOLARSCIENCES MD crème mineral beauty balm “light/medium”
  • Mario Badescu aloe vera toner
  • Sunday Riley Saturn sulfur acne treatment mask
  • Bumble and bumble. while you sleep overnight damage repair masque
  • La Mer the moisturizing soft cream .5oz
  • it cosmetics secret sauce anti-aging moisturizer


sampled: BeccaxChrissy Teigen hair/body oil, Kiehls midnight recovery botanical cleansing oil