Review: Dr. Hauschka rose nurturing body cream

I’m still continuing my journey to smoother arms and its working like a charm. The salicylic acid, grapefruit and other items in the Neutrogena body wash remove the old skin without being tough and all I do is pat it dry and immediately add cream/lotion. I like lotions with beeswax, honey because they seem to work the best for my red bumps(which are almost non-present at this point)that I hated looking at or touching.

This cream has a more natural herbal scent. Its rather strong so I’d say if that’s not something you like it may not be your thing but the ingredients are fantastic and it’s just as good or if not better than my favorite body cream. I was worried when I saw that it was less rich in texture because it was real thin and almost watery than the term “cream” I don’t even use as much so its great. It does NOT smell like their rose face creams atleast to me it smells way more “potent” I think that best describes it. For over 4 oz you pay $36 I think which is really decent because they make great natural products. If you already love Dr. Hauschka products you may want to try this! I recommend it!

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