Great Way to End August.

August has been pretty decent. An old friend, my best friend from the early 90s is back. The one I joked about who knows modern lingo. I’m terrible with new words and slangs. I love her filling me in she cracks me up while she does it. We ended up on chat for 5 or 6 hours which really isn’t my cup of tea but it was so fun I lost track of time. Great to hear how happy she is because she is a wonderful person through and through. We’ve been talking on a daily and its been so much fun.

I’ve kinda stepped up my eating better and taking better care of myself but really cutting back more, adding more good stuff. At one point I was too lazy to prepare my food like I used to and it showed. My skin was breaking out sometimes I would get allergic reactions from food dye or preservatives or whatever is in quick food but sometimes it tastes good and you’re like screw it–bad idea. I’m not a fan of the term you are what you eat but you could eat the best you can. I started stocking up on yogurt, nuts, tofu, and eggs…and believe it or not oil free banana chips! New to my daily rituals adding fish oil gummies and the OGX brand vitamin e shampoo(which is really,really good so I’m getting more before they discontinue it you just never know)I think I might even purchase the conditioner…!

Is everyone else prepared for the Sephora VIB sale–Im keeping my fingers crossed I get my hands on at least 3 items I have on my mind. I’m going in to the store serious mode-reading glass in tow. My family was like why so serious I was like “I have a budget and I’m going in only once I have no reason to keep going back.” More on that visit soon–and empties!



Brand Spotlight: Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinte + D-Bronzi Anti Pollution Sunshine Drops.

I might have previously written about the brand but at the time knew of and tried the serum type items/oils and today I’m here to write about 2 of the other items that I tried (and loved)!

*Umbra Tinte physical daily defense protection spf 30

This sunscreen is 20% zinc oxide which is my favorite type of sunscreen but in most cases you get that really pale white film over your face, right? I’ve tried different tinted sunscreens and so far my favorites were the mdsolarsciences one and this one. My best friend says the cotz?brand I believe is another great one. I haven’t tried that one but she loved it. Back to the’s some of the key points to the product.

-ingredients include things like sunflower sprout extract, aloe leaf extract, grape juice extract to name a few

-smells decent it doesn’t have the strong zinc scent I got from previous strong sunscreens

-shade is darker than most tinted sunscreens which I LOVE I can actually just do a one-and done kinda thing I didn’t use concealer so that was a win

-it is heavier and somewhat oily if you have oily skin it might not be for you but for someone dry/sensitive/combo everything–but oily it works.

Now onto the D-Bronzi anti pollution sunshine drops

I really like this stuff. As I noted in my profile, I am a huge bronzer enthusiast I love all forms of it but I do prefer cream-gel type bronzers the best because I can mix them into moisturizers and cc creams. With wonderful ingredients like cocoa extract, platinum peptides it does not irritate my skin. I don’t even need a drop to mix into my cc cream to get the sun kissed look I desire. This one is by far my favorite D. E. item aside from the Framboos(sorry if I spelled that one wrong but its definitely the pink screw lid one and you use that one at night improves acne scars and dark spots)


Review: Dr. Hauschka rose nurturing body cream

I’m still continuing my journey to smoother arms and its working like a charm. The salicylic acid, grapefruit and other items in the Neutrogena body wash remove the old skin without being tough and all I do is pat it dry and immediately add cream/lotion. I like lotions with beeswax, honey because they seem to work the best for my red bumps(which are almost non-present at this point)that I hated looking at or touching.

This cream has a more natural herbal scent. Its rather strong so I’d say if that’s not something you like it may not be your thing but the ingredients are fantastic and it’s just as good or if not better than my favorite body cream. I was worried when I saw that it was less rich in texture because it was real thin and almost watery than the term “cream” I don’t even use as much so its great. It does NOT smell like their rose face creams atleast to me it smells way more “potent” I think that best describes it. For over 4 oz you pay $36 I think which is really decent because they make great natural products. If you already love Dr. Hauschka products you may want to try this! I recommend it!

Drugstore Find: Neutrogena eye makeup remover lotion

I was using the Neutrogena eye pads but one day–the horror incident happened. I bought mine and someone had ALREADY TORN MY protection lid inside. It was weird not to mention very violating I had to debate what I’d do with the item and I was like you know what–i’ll use it to wipe off the makeup I put on my hands when I’m done with everything.  Then it got me thinking would I want something very personal like that or other eye makeup removers with no protection seal?NO. Even worse they’re kinda pricey and hard to find and who knows if they stole some from there or touched the upper pad so I tossed the first one on top.

Here are my thoughts on the eye makeup remover lotion


-no strong scent just a hint of something light or fresh

-very creamy and easy to blend directly on eye or onto cotton pad

-gentle and takes off a lot of my kajal makeup too

-the easy tube and flip top lid making it easy and sanitary

-says there’s aloe, glycerin and cucumber which I like



none I can think of

I rate this product a 10/10

Review: By Terry Nude Expert Duo Stick

I was ordering things from this store I dig and out of nowhere I see the new By Terry nude expert cover & glow foundation. Its a twist type creamy foundation and I was already a big fan of their blush which comes in the same packaging and own two. So I did the online swatch(which is generally risky to be honest)and decided on #7 because its about the shade of my tarte shape tape concealer(which I wear in the shade medium). Bingo! Color was a match I use it mostly to cover the dark circles under my eyes but it can be used all over and it feels smooth! It has a side that is pearly and another with the main shade and it blends together when applying. Very brilliant. I will tell you that it smells like roses so if you’re not into the floral-rose vibe then I’d skip on it but I will be repurchasing this one!

I rate it 9/10 I’d like it to be a tad cheaper!


Smooth Skin Trick. Sorry Had to Edit.

For years now I’ve been trying to get my upper arms to look less blotchy and chicken skin like and believe it or not I was able to see improvement with two easy steps and two items. Had to edit this part, they do sell the M+G b5 body cream/lotion however it looks like my tube version is not being sold anymore since I no longer see the photo of it and im pretty sure the price is different. I prefer the tubes. I hate pumps because I’ll have to go in there with something to get whatever is “left” at the bottom if not make a mess trying to cut into thick plastic thinner tubes/plastic is more my alley. So here’s the two step to my now much smoother and clearer upper arms(chicken skin issue as I call it) I wet my body while in the shower, slather my arms with the Neutrogena body clear body wash pink grapefruit then wash it off, tap my body with a towel then immediately slather on the vitamin b5 body lotion/cream. I did that for a good two weeks now and my arms are less red and blotchy and they even feel smooth.

I’m not one of those people that like the whole idea of “taking care of my body” but it does work and its simple. I wished I had done it sooner. I’m usually one of those “ah im dry I’ll put some lotion on and run out the door kinda girl but I love the results of my smoother upper arms so much I show them off sometimes. Just two weeks!

I’ve got my eyes set on two new body items which I plan to purchase very soon. Will do a review on those items in the near future!

Empties:July 2018

-Stila stay all day HD illuminating beauty balm spf30

-Bumble and bumble. while you sleep overnight damage repair masque

-It cosmetics miracle water 3-in-1 glow tonic

-Koh gen do spa water wipes(the original size)

-Koh gen do moisture foundation #113

-It cosmetics confidence in a cleanser .6oz

-juice beauty stem cellular cc cream “warm glow”

sampled: amika the kure shampoo and conditioner, ouai smooth shampoo and conditioner, moroccanoil blow dry concentrate