Things That Make Me Happy.

Prior to getting my teeth straightened I drank coffee atleast twice a day. I’d drink 1-2 10 or more ounces of coffee then I’d go to Starbucks and get something delicious and sugary like a frappuccino, a latte or one of those doubleshots with added flavors like vanilla or caramel. When I wasn’t drinking coffee, I drank green tea unsweetened or I’d add that matcha mix my friends and family sent me. I promised the dentist I would never go back during the process and as hard as its been and as frustrated as I was then–I have gotten so many compliments on my teeth. You do not realize how your teeth were until you straighten them and see the improvements.

That being said I had to replace this “caffiene addiction” with something else I loved..that would be music. I’ve been playing Sade and Tristan Prettyman because their voices bring me to a “happy” place.

I’m currently cleaning my room and I find things I saved for no real reason so I started tossing those into a big garbage bag which is now full and heavy. I threw out old clothes, old cards, old makeup utensils which clearly should’ve not been saved and were dusty old Diptyque candle my good friend would say “girl, that’s cray cray.”


They now sell banana chips that are oil free and sugar free–it was mind blowing to me. I mix it with my Sahale raspberry and cranberry trail mix-thing I joked “hey it says banana chips but they’re tiny” so I bought these organic banana chips from another brand and mix them with the Sahale berry and nut mix.

Moto Jacket and Smith & Cult the Shining Lip Lacquer

Thanks to the 26 stubborn pounds I finally lost, I was able to dig out some of my old clothes (some so old it was from about a decade ago) Its been very economical. I also got a new pair of the vans i think they’re called old skools. I love how simple they are my feet are wide and flat so its not as comfortable as my chuck taylors but hey, its very cute.

After reading about Dakota Johnson on Allure I started thinking I should start wearing tinted lip products because some days Im just too lazy to do anything and I feel boring and plain and I need that “something.” I was gifted the Smith & Cult lip lacquer in two shades so I was like what the heck this looks like I color I’d never wear(no it wasn’t red it was coral)the other a very nice plum-ish nude. Both colors were beautiful and different and every time I put some on someone would go “i love your lips the color is stunning.” I was like tinted lip products—you’re doing me wonders not to mention I seem healthier. Right now I try very hard to put concealer under my eyes and put some color on my lips..when I feel like I want to put more effort in my makeup I’ll tap on some coral or nude shaded cream blush other days I will pull out the Maybelline Kajal eyeliner in brown or blue.

Right now Im trying to fight the urge to cut my hair short but the frizz and the moisture are really making my hair look wild then I think well when its shorter there’s more volume in a bad way. There’s nothing better than a top bun on a hot summer day so I’ll fight my urges to chop.

Here’s a Question for You.

This is a question that seems simple but isn’t quite simple and I thought fun exchanging minds if you will.

The question is, if you had a $5 coupon from a nice beauty store what would you buy and why?

I thought about it for some time and here are my choices it was hard narrowing it down but I did a top 5.

1)Sunday Riley good genes and I’d get the bigger bottle because hey its most likely more economical(but i’ll have to check back on that)

2)Bumble and bumble scalp detox really the answer to this one is simple it really feels good on your scalp and after I shampoo it out my hair looks improved in some odd way/fresh looking. No one is offering no $5 discount on bumble and bumble as far as I can tell and the price would be $29 before taxes and hey, that’s pretty cool.

3)Diptyque baies candle original large version or the black version that sells for $95 because with the coupon it is back to the most recent price prior to the price hike at $90 and I’d burn it all the time. I wouldn’t be greedy either I’d use it for the whole house.

4)Sunday Riley blue moon cleansing balm because I’m intrigued by the color of the product and the ingredients and I’d like to use that during the colder months because I’m running low on my dermalogica precleanse. I don’t even like jars but I like what I see, Sunday Riley!

5)a sunscreen from MDsolarsciences that might be the one brand I mean to talk about yet forgot to mention in posts. I used to use their tinted sunscreen for years and I loved it some people would definitely hate the way it feels on top of your skin but I never had a reaction and I’m super dry and the somewhat oily feel I get is perfect for me. The tint in the sunscreen very complimentary to my skin. If that’s sold out the roll on type in the deodorant like container because it looks perfect for travel! The design and colors of their sunscreen are super cute.

**I want to shout out to Intothegloss’s Ashley was it? The person who wrote about the amazon shopping list. Brilliant–I penny pinch where I can and I use like half of that stuff. good article.**


One of Those Tuesdays…

How are you, readers? How has your week been so far? Here’s how my Tuesday started…

I struggled getting out of bed but woke up realizing I had really dry mouth which is a no-no- for me since I wear braces/trays. Im guessing Im more prone to getting whatever bacteria to stay there so I always take my dental care serious. What I do most days is I wake up take the braces off, rinse it out then soak it into the anti-bacterial dental soak things and use listerine while I wait for that because I don’t drink anything without rinsing with water than listerine in the morning. In the 5 minutes the braces soak I put toothpaste on my fingers and finger-brush my teeth a technique my dentist taught me because my teeth are sensitive and if I can go without brushing as much when im not eating that’s my option. I rinse off my braces then put them in and just drink gobs and gobs of water in the morning.

Sat around trying to get my thoughts together while I watched global news and I thought its been almost a week, I’ll exfoliate. So I put the PTR pumpkin mask on while I went about everything else–and hopped out the tub. I got my Mario Badescu aloe toner drenched my cotton started wiping my skin gently with it when I realize my skin is rather gritty today–I go wait did I rinse off my pumpkin enzyme mask?NO I DID NOT. I hop back into the tub to wash off the mask I thought I already rinsed off. Its going to be a long—week. I’ve done some real crazy things like leave conditioner on but not my exfoliator! Honestly I don’t even know if I left it on for 3 or more minutes but oh well!


Very Expensive (but works at least for me)

I started thinking about yesterday’s Sisley paris post and I was like expensive price tag but quality items don’t think I’ve written about that yet and as you know my skin issues are: dryness, its combination when it comes to the creams I buy I can’t get the dry skin only type but the combo skin it works the best, random dry patches by my chin(very sad to look at but possibly due to my twice a week exfoliating which as of this week will be once/weekly)some hormonal acne(which has been way better since I gave up the sugary milky-lattes I drank daily for 10 straight years shockingly I avoided all coffee shops since November of 2017 who would’ve thought)and last but not least reactions to drugstore sunscreen(wont name which ones but they did a number on me whether it was big pus-filled acne that formed in spots or just red itchy almost week long rashes) There was also a big-named recovery item I put on overnight and my face blew up like a balloon and I joked to my family look at this “I already have a round fat face but this is ridiculous” My mom then chimes in with a “you know everything you’ve had reactions to, I did previously.” I was like why didn’t you tell me!!!

So here are the expensive items that didn’t give me a rash but gave me fabulous results and I probably didn’t talk about them while blogging here:

Sunday Riley good genes-this product is…OUTSTANDING. The scent is so potent and odd that you’re first like What on earth is this–I believe its lactic acid and citrus? The scent is almost off-putting that you’re like YIKES and once you put it onto your face the instant burn/tingle you feel is rather strong. At first I was like “oh great Im going to lose my fight with this product” only to see my skin improve within the 20 minutes it was on my face! I loved the product so much I raved about it to friends I was like “but it does smell funky…” I bought it a couple years ago during a Sephora VIB sale and it was worth the price tag. I haven’t tried it as a serum but I do see there’s a larger size being sold and that is tempting. I have cheek area pore issues so this truly gave me the “good genes” effect. I do think the discoloring did improve while I used it which was generally once a week possibly two but its been a while and I need a bottle about now!

Vintner’s daughter active botanical serum: smells like a dream looks really yellow you can tell its good stuff just by looking at it. I received a sample back when a privately owned company was selling natural products. I was like ooh what is this and it is by far one of the best samples I have received, ever. Supposedly its used mainly at night which is how I use it. Its really good for those days where you’re going somewhere the following day or you have bad breakouts because its clearing. It gives you that smoothed out improved look which I love. I ended up purchasing the bottle but I never finished it in a good time so now that I see a travel size being sold that looks like a winner for me. I’d open it and use it by 6 months the next time I purchase.

La Mer creams: I used them in my early to mid twenties and gave it up because of the price but since my skin was always dry and sensitive the cream did wonders for me. It was especially great when used during the colder drier months. The new ones out that I sampled are quite nice too. Smells very nice

Sisley black rose cream: sampled it enjoyed every bit of it and after about a year plus later I finally saved enough money to purchase a tube. A little bit goes a long way and I use this when my skin freaks out or its so dry and I want to slap some makeup on.

May Lindstrom blue cocoon: smells so good it is hands down the best smelling skincare item I owned in my life. It was like no other. It soothed my dry chapped skin healing my dry chin patches it was like oil but not oil. I don’t see many people selling the item anymore and my favorite store quit selling it but I sure was glad I bought the jar and I finished it not too long ago. Life saving winter product and dry skin healer. I begged my father to get me this as a Christmas gift and it worked. YAY. My mom loved the scent and was like they need to make a perfume out of that because it smells like heaven. I never told her how much it cost.


My Favorite Dry Shampoo(s)

This summer has been humid and hot and just really hard on my hair(and skin)I find myself touching my hair to move it as I apply sunscreen or style it and in no time between the humidity the sweating and the touching of my bangs it is no longer fresh looking. I started thinking I don’t want to pin them back all the time or put a hat on because it makes your hair more flat. That’s when I remembered I had dry shampoo! I have two favorite ones I used to use but cut back and forgot I owned them. I’ve tried different styles and different brands but I can honestly tell you the spray types are not for me. They never do what I want it to but the powders they do exactly what I want. Here are my two favorites: Bumble and bumble. pret-a-powder and the alterna caviar purple one really good stuff. These dry shampoos are so good I don’t take them with me on travel because I don’t want to lose them-so what I do is I get to a Sephora and purchase a tiny travel bottle of pret-a-powder and the last time I bought the travel size I left it with the lady who cleaned my room because she was adorable and I was so grateful. The alterna dry shampoo powder comes with a pointy cap and im pretty sure with everything I throw into my tote it will end up coming off and spilling so I recommend the screw-lid type pret-a-powder.

Review: Hair Rituel by Sisley Revitalizing Smoothing Shampoo

Generally I do not purchase Sisley products. The reason is simple, its the price range. That being said every sample I’ve tried from them has been excellent. I’ve tried their cream in that pump can’t remember the name its been a while, the eye makeup remover(which was very gentle and lovely)the black rose mask(which I eventually bought)and ofcourse the exfoliating thing(also cant remember name but it was great)One thing’s for sure everything they put out there is of great quality as far as I know-and tried I haven’t tried their makeup line but it looks quite lovely too. This review is pretty much a brand spotlight meets review! I did not really like their black rose cream–it just didn’t work for me but hey you can’t always win-

I’ve been seeing the hair rituel products being brought up not only by beauty editors but by others and I really liked what I read and got my hands on the sample–or samples of it. I have not tried the conditioner but heres what I thought of the shampoo:

– the texture of the shampoo is very creamy easy to lather

-smells light and fresh

-rinses out nice

-has macadamia oil in it which I think is great

-rinses out nice

-price could be cheaper

I rate this one a 8/10 its very gentle and if you have the funds to afford it I say give it a try its nice.

Review: it Cosmetics Miracle Water 3-in-1 Glow Tonic

I’ve been using this micellar-toner-all in one product for some time now and to sum it up I really enjoyed it. In the last days of the colder months, it was gentle on my skin as a last step. I used it after I used a makeup wipe and in the past few months, I used it as a toner after I’d wash my face because I was so dry no matter what I did and it kept me from getting that tight feeling. Its a larger bottle and whatever is in there does improve my skin. I have been using the miracle water glow tonic with the confidence in a cleanser now for about a week other days I’ll cleanse with the exfolikate cleanser but I feel like the it cosmetics cleanser makes my pores less obvious and I enjoyed it. The two items used together made my skin look smoother and I’d end the night with the dermalogica smoothing cream or get this, it cosmetics put a sample of confidence in a cream in my large bottle of cleanser! I think that’s a great way for people to try other items its very smart!

I’d buy it again but the last I saw it was sold out. I can see why its a great product and gentle. It takes makeup off pretty good I wouldn’t say excellent but good enough since I use a wipe prior to it and it tones-so I’d rate it a 9/10. Sad it is almost empty!!

Keratin: You Complete Me.

I swore I was using everything I needed but the dry split ends and tangles they were hard to avoid…until I started using keratin products. My hair is now fluffy and back to almost my high school years smooth and bouncy the best its looked in years. You know what this means, I’m definitely purchasing a bottle of the OGX keratin shampoo soon! I will be repurchasing the its a 10 deep conditioner.

Here are my hair care go to’s:

-ouai smooth shampoo(the shampoo is larger than the conditioner so I realize the price difference of a couple dollars but this shampoo definitely smells better than the conditioner that already smells great—like a boutique or something crazy fancy and elegant)

-its a 10 miracle deep conditioner(can’t remember the whole name off the top of my head but I believe its a deep conditioner in a tube with an orange lid and blue tube)

-Bumble and bumble. while you sleep masque

-Bumble and bumble save the day OR the its a 10 spray “with keratin” orange lid. If its really sunny–like it is here right now I pump two pumps of the save the day but today its just humid and not too sunny!

I still have tangles here and there but nothing that I had and I also suggest the bumble and bumble scalp detox once a week because it is incredible. If anyone uses the Oribe serene scalp–i’d like to know about the product!

Empties: June 2018

-Burt’s bees cleansing oil

-Bumble and bumble. scalp detox

-Bumble and bumble. hairdresser’s invisible oil conditioner

-eradiKate daily foaming cleanser-1oz

-Jurlique rose moisture plus moisturizing cream

-ouai hair oil

-Koh Gen Do cleansing spa water wipes

-Suntegrity 5-in-1 natural moisturizing face sunscreen “light”

-Neutrogena body clear body wash pink grapefruit.

-Aveeno stress relief body wash


sampled: oribe cote d’Azur replenishing body wash, pai echium +argan gentle eye cream, Giorgio Armani ecstasy balm “soft nude”, MAC cleanse off oil, it cosmetics secret sauce, it cosmetics confidence in a cream