Review: Ouai Smooth Shampoo

I’ve used everything from drugstore to the fanciest shampoos(in my opinion the fanciest would be Oribe and I am getting ready to try the Sisley one-more on that soon) I was raving about how much I enjoyed the repair and smooth conditioner from Ouai and I couldn’t make out why the shampoo (as far as I remember unless they adjusted it)cost more than the conditioner. I usually thought it was the other way around and realized that as much as I loved the conditioners the shampoo might be even better. Everything about it was amazing. When Im out of all shampoo I can see myself purchasing a bottle of this.

Here are my thoughts:


-the texture of the shampoo very gel like and not too thick so easy to lather onto hair

-scent is unlike any other but in a fancy European department kinda way

-washes out without feeling of stripping

-can be used with other brand items and make hair look less limp but also tamed



-can’t think of one and the price is less than the other fancy shampoos yet the effect is quite similar or better!

Review: Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer

I’ve been using this moisturizer here and there and so far I like it. I wouldn’t say it was really moisturizing but the benefits I see from using it is great. I notice if I use it at night the following morning my skin is clear and younger looking. It smells delicious and like most people reviewing or editors have said it smells like jolly ranchers. The moisturizer is pink in color when you pump it and I was like “how cute” I thought it was just a name but it is indeed a very pretty shade of pink. I’m probably in need of a hydrating toner because had I used that this moisturizer would be the perfect product.

I would buy it again and the price seems reasonable for good ingredients so this one I rate as a 9/10 if it were more rich and hydrated my skin without anything after washing it would be 10/10!

Summer 2018 Favorites

Here’s my list of favorite items I recommend and enjoy:

-MAC pigments in kitschmas, and tan

-Kate Somerville exfolikate and eradikate cleanser

-Bumble and bumble. scalp detox (use this one every week to every other week and its amazing Im on bottle 2)

-its a 10-deep conditioner plus keratin

-it cosmetics your skin but better cc+ bronzer

-juice beauty cc cream in desert glow

-Oribe flash form finishing spray wax(I use this after I wash with a cleansing crème followed with a dab of leave in cream and my hair looks great)


Review: it Cosmetics your skin but better CC+ Bronzer

I say it all the time but I consider myself a bronzer enthusiast. I love powder and liquid forms of bronzers. I’ve had hits and misses so I always go to view swatches of actual colors and sometimes I STILL make a mistake. I’ve found 2 powder versions I LOVE the Burberry one and Guerlain one for brunettes I think that’s what they call it. As for liquid bronzers I love the Dr. Hauschka one you can blend into things, I love the Chanel one and I know there’s more but I can’t think of one off the top of my head…however I can tell you I finally bought a tube of the it cosmetics CC+bronzer!

Here are my thoughts:

-color is not quite universal because its still a tad darker than I want to use on its own (I blend it with my Juice beauty cc cream in desert glow)

-the longer I wear it the better it seems to look which I like

-People ask me what my make up is and say I look incredible so im guessing the minor flaws are improved by the products.

-I would NOT use more than a full pump because its intense when there’s too much on.

Overall I rate it a 9/10 because I WOULD repurchase I like an item that makes me look better with time–but I still need to blend it with another lighter cc because it comes in ONE shade.

Review: it’s a 10-deep conditioner plus keratin

I have been struggling with dry hair, one of the worst cases of tangles and split ends despite how hard I try to revive it and started running out of options. I don’t know if I wrote about it here but I bought the “hair” edition from Allure magazine. In it was information I needed to know like “use products with keratin” that’s when I thought didn’t its a 10 make that orange and blue line. I had just ran out of my Bumble and bumble invisible oil conditioner (which is lightweight and great)so I figured let’s do this. Here are my thoughts:


-It smells light but pretty

-Its rich yet not tacky and easy to smooth onto hair

-has multi benefits like UV protection(its real hot here and sunny most days we’re getting 90-103 degrees right now)detangling to name a few

-instructions tell me to put leave it on between 3-5 minutes I did 3 which was more than enough to saturate my dry, tangly, coarse wavy hair

-rinsed out and I could instantly feel less tangles which I hadn’t seen in weeks

-5oz for $20 which I feel is more than reasonable for quality hair products if they deliver



-can’t think of a single thing!


definitely on my repurchase list. I rate this one 10/10 but with a plus after the 10.

Heat Wave~Some Like it Hot.

Wow it is hot out. I was tuning into the weather but-this is crazy heat. Its August heat in mid June mixed with humidity. Im guessing it was 90-92 degrees out because when I was out I felt my face burn meanwhile the dog is oblivious to reality. She’s like hold on Im still sniffin’. This previous week was quite stressful and this weekend’s heat kinda puts me in a funk. Meanwhile the cool neighbor is just chilling out on his one wheeled bike a unicycle is that what you call it? My dad’s like that guy is so cool. I was like I know right one minute he’s outside reading, plays the piano, now he rides a unicycle. He occasionally drives slow by me while he tries to read my mind…and I like it except when he flashes his lights in my face after 10pm when I took all my makeup off.

I applaud him for enjoying this heat and being able to not blast the house with any a/c. My dad and I were debating about what we can’t live without. I can’t live without the a/c. I CAN however live without a phone, i can live without a car(20 years in japan and walking 40 minutes to an hour from a train station closest to the military base has made me one of those as long as i have comfy shoes kinda gal) You remember that story about Brian I met in high school. He tells me “if you cant catch the base bus you can ride the train” and he teaches me how much the ticket is which one to hop on but the catch was it was 40 minutes of walking from there that was tough and first but…I gotta admit walking that 40 minutes on a real hot day had me going where is my a/c. I got spoiled living on a military base for so long having access to a/c and water. My dad was like you know if we air conditioned the whole house for a month really cold-we’d probably pay $500 easy. I was like “turn it down NOW” so we try to stick with 75-76. Anything is better than 92-96 right now.


Review: it Cosmetics Secret Sauce

As you all know by now, one of my favorite brands put out this new anti aging moisturizer and I was in this long debate with people around me if I should just not sample it and purchase it or wait around…I waited and Sephora blessed me with a sample! Here are my thoughts:


-smells very light a very fresh scent if there is any left after it sinks in

-texture of this cream not too rich but also creamy once applied feels like a serum which is great for my dry/combo-most of the times sensitive skin

-within minutes skin is glowing

-no reactions to product

-skin looks even better following morning!



-the jar container definitely a minus for me-if it comes in a tube like their cleanser i’d jump on board.


10/10 the pros outweigh the cons. Incredible cream and I’ve only used it twice–it even has diamond powder in it–FANCY!

Review: Bumble and bumble. While You Sleep Overnight Damage Repair Masque + Save the Day-Daytime Protective Repair Fluid

I had been debating for quite some time whether or not to purchase this(yes despite it being a newer release I was debating whether to get this or the Gloss Moderne stuff but ofcourse Sephora you were out of Gloss Moderne packette version which was my first choice!Unfortunate!) In the end I was so glad I purchase the B&b products I had to share my thoughts here–

I’m going to start off with the overnight masque:

-smells great

-texture is a mix between creamy and gel-but to me more gel like

-I had originally bought the orange jar from the invisible line but after about two tries I realized it was too hard to get into my hair it left residues and slippery(real dangerous)so I quit using the orange and white jar–this one is more my style

-I don’t like putting anything in my hair while I hit the pillowcase but this worked its way into my scalp and hair and it left no yucky mess while I rolled around in my sleep

-I went ahead and rinsed it some then added shampoo to wash it out(OGX works great after any B&b treatment including the scalp detox) it rinsed out nice

NO CONS on this one 10/10 will repurchase Kinda pricey but works great and beautiful container love everything about it.


Save the Day Daytime protective repair fluid:

-smells great I believe its the same scent as the masque-will check back on that just pleasant nothing over the top someone even walked by me and said “beautiful perfume what is it” I was like it’s the new B&b line

-texture is light not quite hair oil but not thick as a leave in its between two of those when you look at it, it shines like its opalescent in a way maybe that’s the sun protection part of it.

-the bottle is so pretty and its got a twist and lock thing which I like

-it makes my hair so soft its just so soft and smooth since the sun is so strong right now I am leaning on this one for the UV protection more than anything since my hair is on the dry coarse side most days.

-cons PRICEY-small for price but since I love it–this may replace most of my current hair products aside from the bumble and bumble styling and that new Oribe wax spray I’m diggin’-then again those are styling products and this one is like a primer–uv protection–amazeballs!


Empties: May 2018

-OGX repairing + awapuhi shampoo

-juice beauty stem cellular cc “desert glow”

-dove dryspray cool essentials(not going back to organic because I dig this one)

-Mario Badescu aloe vera toner

-Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe, herbs, and rosewater

-w3ll people biotint spf30 “light”

-it cosmetics your skin but better cc+ “medium tan”( silver original version)

-Aurelia cell repair night oil

-Malin+Goetz vitamin b5 body moisturizer


sampled: Kevyn Aucoin the etherealist foundation, kiehls calendula deep cleansing foaming face wash, kiehls daily reviving concentrate, kiehls ultra facial cleanser, Youth to the People superfood antioxidant cleanser, gloss modern clean luxury shampoo and conditioner