May’s Over!

May seemed like a long month to me. I always have things to do in May because there’s Mother’s Day, my dad’s birthday, an upcoming birthday (Brandon) then I have another friend who’s got a birthday in May-and on top of this I try to stay on my a-game by reminding myself that I jotted down when I gave the dog her monthly vet meds. The last week or so has been humidity-heaven- I was almost mauled by the neighbors dog while I walked her. The woman heard my screaming dog and finally came out to get it on her lawn. The worst part the woman doesn’t even give me a quick “im sorry.” Thanks to the incident and trying to get my dog away from the huge dog I cut myself bad in the finger. Nonstop throbbing pain.

Then yesterday I got this really nice email from Brandon and he basically says the birthday box just made his week and it made me happy. He then apologized because he said he felt guilty I always got him what he liked and he’d get me something I like this birthday. Nice! Im giving out random hints when he asks!

Then I checked up with an old friend she was doing well. One thing I realized is I like when people write or email me. I think this next time around I want a somewhat clingy-boyfriend. Someone that emails me all the time making sure im ok.

Also the woman that has been bullying me has suddenly did a 180-she is being nice and Im like what is this you realizing there’s karma out there. Either way, subtle apology accepted.

My M.I.A. Charlotte Ronson bronzer/luminizer

Many years ago when Charlotte Ronson was selling her makeup line at Sephora I bought the luminizer I think they made 2 shades but the one I bought was insanely gorgeous. I used it sparingly because I could never find any shade as gorgeous/not giving me skin issues…and my mom goes into my room while I’m away on a trip and loses it or misplaces it! Today I was online surfing(because that’s what I do during the holidays to avoid traffic and other things)I find something that comes close but luck will have it, it’s sold out and limited edition…I want to talk about those products if I do get to purchase them sometime..I still can’t bring myself to have them shipped in this 80-96 degree heat though.

I miss my Charlotte Ronson luminizer/bronzer–will I ever find it…who knows. What I loved the most about it was how adorable the packaging was(lots of tiny hearts drawn on the clear tube) and how much product was in there. It was such a good product why did Sephora quit selling you—heartbreaking! If they put it out today I would actually run to the nearest Sephora and purchase a tube even if they put less in it this time around.

I love luminizers. I might actually dig them more than I do cc creams.  I would like someone to just show up at my door with every luminizer from the RMS brand so I could finally be like “this one.” For the time being my favorites(since I can’t find my Ronson one) Wonderglow, the master mixer(I bought another one its so far my favorite from RMS I even took it with me to Japan)and the Marc Jacobs one. I saw how RMS came out with more luminizers and I was like stop—my mind is about to explode–they’ve got that magic one, some other peach-y one–I’d like someone to send me a swatch of it on a paper and be like here ya go.


Days ago I was talking about how excited I was about losing the 15pounds which is now officially 20! The only thing I’ve added to my daily routine is walking more and lifting things. I also go up and down a flight of stairs a couple times. It has helped.

On another note there’s this grumpy man in the neighborhood that even kids hate(we watched him having a shouting match with kids across the street where he told them to get out of here and they told HIM to get out needless to say he did not like that answer) He’s said some really mean things to my father after they had a falling out because we spoke daily prior to that and I was avoiding him at all costs myself. I mean we’d do that “no you go” gesture but nothing more. Today I’m walking the dog when she starts growling at some jogger and I notice someone or something watching me and I look to my right and there he was–angry guy staring me right in the eye for some time. It was awkward almost scary and I decided I’d take the high road and I waved at him. When I did it must’ve shocked him because he did this nod and waved back. The sad part is that I don’t even hate the guy its unfortunate.  I also locked eyes two nights ago with that cool guy. My dog loves that guy’s dog. I feel like we could live together just sayin!

As for fashion–I’m digging my chambray shirt. I wear that or tanks just nothing v-neck it doesn’t work for me.

Back to the Basics.

It’s official as much as we had rain on and off for what seemed like a full week, the sun is out and I put away all of my cleansing balms. I just went back to the burt’s bees cleansing oil. Infact it had been some time since I used it and I forgot how quick and good it was! I went back and bought another bottle it was the last bottle there I quit seeing it at Walmart so I feel it is getting discontinued. I have this odd feeling it cost more to make it then what it is selling for. Its really good stuff.

Its  like 81 or 82 degrees so I think its officially-no ordering online kinda weather for me. Not even a limited edition can lure me–I think I’m all set with my skincare for the next 3-4 months so I’m feeling really good about that. I’m putting my foot down on this one. No more haircare and no more skincare because I’m really digging my new Jurlique stuff I got.

15 Pounds Lighter!

I hadn’t checked my weight in about 4-6 months. I was tired of seeing the same weight show up I hadn’t lost much since 2012 it was stalling mostly because I was still eating bad things here and there. The past 3 weeks or so I added more things that are good for me. Some days the healthier options were not so appealing to my taste buds but, it worked. I’ve also been walking out with the dog more and walking up and down flights of stairs. I was so shocked by the scale I got off and got back on!

I had hormonal problems for decades that is gone-I don’t even get hormonal acne even though I am overweight. I gave up the lattes I thought were impossible I don’t even think about sugary drinks anymore.

In about 5 more months I’ll have another news to share…excited.

Review: Youth To The People Kale+ Green Tea Spinach Vitamins Superfood face wash

This is one of the products that were high on my must-try list/wishlist. I was worried to try it because I’m pretty sure the actual bottle it comes in is glass which is better for the product to stay fresh but dangerous for someone like me who drops things. I was very intrigued by the gorgeous green contents and the simplicity of the bottle. I finally tried it and here are my thoughts:


-smells so good. fresh and light and just fantastic. if I were waking up and put a couple drops of this in my palm and took a whiff I would be like YES!

-its a light not quite gel like thin texture easy to smooth on, easily washed off

-I’d say I’m on the drier side but most people shouldn’t have tight feelings and if you do, just keep a lightweight toner by your side after you wash.



-can’t think of any

I rate this one 9/10 I take 1 off for the glass bottle–maybe if they make a smaller travel size in a tube kinda like the kate Somerville styles-I’d be in.

Great Customer Service and More.

Today I was talking to this associate at a company about something I needed to get answered and this person was so helpful and sweet if I could give them positive feedback it would be like 110%! My dad came home and was like why are you over-the-top smiling I was like I got good service and I got my shipment! I was able to purchase things on sale-I’m a happy woman. I didn’t go crazy either I just bought a couple things because I ran out or am super close to.

I have to replace my dermalogica precleanse balm and because I’m cutting corners, I’m thinking either the PTR water drench cleanser because it takes off makeup or I’ll get a bottle of the Burt’s bees cleansing oil because I always liked that oil.  Anyone else have recommendations of under $35 makeup removing-cleanser type products for dry/combination skin-possibly sensitive skin I’d appreciate it!



Mother’s Day: She Actually Asked for Something.

I think it was about a week ago my mom says to my dad and I “I want the perfume she wears I ran out of my sample and I ran out of her roll on version.”I was like “L’ombre Dans L’eau?” she’s like “whatever the fancy name is.” I didn’t have to scramble to find “tiny things” she likes. Its actually hard finding things she likes she’ll go HMM, meh..or ooh its like a gamble.

My dad goes “whatever it is you used jot it down so we can get those for your mother.”  The moment the items arrived she tore the wrapper open this was early in the week…she  stared at the two items like she was a kid. It was one of the better Mother’s day for her being that she just had that long and horrible hospital stay. She absolutely hated the hospital stay infact she had choice words for one nurse in particular infact she cried when she got back from the stay because she said the nurse was just so mean to her. She was like everyone else was so nice. My mom goes “that woman should choose another profession because she clearly hated her job and chose which patients to mistreat and she even talked about your father where I could hear them(apparently another one that was mean to her while she did paperwork joined in to gossip about her) it was disgusting.” “She had no idea I understood and spoke English.” So she just cried for a good day or so and the dog never left her sight it was really sweet.

Yesterday  I was like aren’t you glad you came home–you can now see the show you wanted to watch and you got the perfume you wanted? She was like “yes!” So I’d like to thank Diptyque for the beautiful perfume we both use now-our house smells incredible and she even sprays it on her wrist at night because she says she sleeps better with it on. She even jokes that I can borrow her perfume and I go “I already own it” she’s like “oh yeah..ok” Seeing her happy made this mother’s day the best one so far.

Review: Kevyn Aucoin The Etherealist Foundation

All this talk of me wanting to try something Kevyn Aucoin finally came true in the form of a Sephora sample(thank you Sephora) Here I was so bummed I couldn’t purchase shade 6 or 7 during the BI/VIB sale…but hey, I’d rather sample it first before purchasing so its a win-win. Right now Im using shade 2 which is lighter so it blends well with my darker cc cream. I blend the dark cc cream and the shade 2 with a beauty blender and it looks great! Im guessing when I try shade 5-7 one of those will be perfect. I used the sample about 4,5 times it looks small but its quite generous the foundation is creamy and similar to the Koh Gen Do aqua foundation which I always liked.

Im getting ready to the try the shade 6 next-I’m thinking i’ll use something light with it since that one’s darker.

Overall rating: 9/10 I could totally replace my Koh Gen Do aqua foundation with this one. I’ve tried many foundations and the only ones I’ve came back to so far are Charlotte Tilbury, and Koh Gen Do but I am adding Kevyn Aucoin’s Etherealist in there.

Review: Gloss Moderne shampoo + conditioner-clean luxury

They carry like two types: high gloss and the clean luxury type. I sampled the clean luxury set and it was pretty awesome. Here’s what I thought:

-the scent is like a vanilla, coconut-y fig like scent I’d describe it similar to the bath and body works fig one they used to sell mixed with a hint of vanilla or something. its not floral or citrus-y. I prefer a more citrus or floral scent but…

-non lathering

-rinses out quick and non stripping

-end results incredible I’m pretty sure I will purchase this one.

10/10 exceeds my expectation and I’m picky. I like that Sephora carries the 5 pack set for those of us that travel or don’t want clutter. I like the idea.