Bumble and bumble Scalp Detox

Funny how things work. Right after I wrote here how I’ve been doing much better after eating icecream for like 3 days straight and eating sloppy and some other stress related incidents I was down for the count. I had a fever in my knees, a throbbing headache it was bad. I was so sick I could not take my dog out which I felt horrible about but the worst part was not being able to wash my hair.

That’s when I realized I had previously bought a bottle of scalp detox. I hadn’t been able to bathe in like 3 days so I read the instructions which tell you to spray it directly onto your scalp section by section, massage it in and leave it on for 3 minutes. I was like fair enough. The moment you spray it on there’s this instantly tingly but wonderful feeling I needed to freshen up. I washed it out and my hair felt fantastic. After the usual, conditioner and leave in I went to the look at the upper scalp area and my hair doesn’t even look oily anymore. It was so bad this morning. Thank goodness! Thank you Bumble and bumble! I will use this on my emergency days! Cool product!

10/10 it did everything I needed and it feels so good on your scalp. Its for all hair types!

Review: Verb hydrating shampoo and conditioner

I had been wanting to try this shampoo for quite some time and was lucky enough to be given a sample. The sample was generous so I was able to use it twice. Its rare there’s more than one use so I must say generous, Verb!

Here are my thoughts on the shampoo

-smells very nice. its not citrus its not quite floral but maybe its floral. Its very light but nice. the scent is definitely something someone not into strong scents would love

-if I’m not wrong its sulfate free

-has ingredients like argan , vitamin b5, quinoa to name a few

-made my hair super soft. softest its been. this one actually wins the award for smoothing out the coarse feeling

-nice next day hair



-smells light like shampoo

-not too rich but rich enough to smooth on if I’m not wrong this one is a 3-5 minute conditioner so i’d follow that

-hair is soft and manageable.


I rate this one 10/10 because its just a little more expensive than the drugstore brands but it makes my dry coarse hair so soft and I loved it and I’m missing my sample! might ask for that when someone asks!

Near Death Experiences=New Mindset.

I was very excited to see Annee de Mamiel on intothegloss today! I love her products and up until a couple years ago I bought them religiously I quit because you could only get them at certain stores and I don’t use a lot of items in glass bottles because I’m clumsy and I drop them. Her travel oil was great, her facial oils are great but I especially loved the body serum so if you thought about lets just say people were asking me what perfume it was I was wearing and that it was beautiful.

After hearing about her cancer and her fight it brought me back to my near death experience which was during late November of 2011 and early February 2012. What happens is my father gets pneumonia a real bad case of it. We live in the same house I end up with pneumonia in November 2011. It got so bad I could no longer stand on my feet or breathe my life was about being in a bed all but like twice a day when i’d get up and fix myself a bowl of soup then head back to sleep..that’s if I got any. Then I got an immune problem as a result and I break out in a fever in early 2012 that went on for 2 weeks and I have people send me to urgent care where I’m told by the doctor that he’d never seen something so bad and severe and was surprised I lived through everything. I was so depressed I thought about how I could just give up on my own but I thought that wasn’t fair to the people that can’t choose to live so I fought very hard and the worst pain wasn’t the lung issue it was my lymph nodes that flared up the one between my ear and jawline..oh it was bad the throbbing pain from that alone. One day I finally felt this calmness and urge to sleep so when I  turn my back and the dog growls and barks only at me and I sensed it was “my time to go” and shockingly I was ok with it because I was so tired…I think animals have that power and they see things we don’t and I remember my mom going “what happened” and me going “I don’t know but I was real sleepy.” My mom was like “I think you were going to die and that your dog sensed it because our dog is so chill” What I did during my long sick days was set up a fan by my face, put my hair in a bun and hope I could sleep a couple hours. Being sick is horrible once I recovered I got sick one more time in March and I was like COME ON!


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation+Juice Beauty CC=Compliments.

I just recently got back into the Charlotte Tilbury products because I was running out of what foundations I had left and I wanted something light to blend with my favorite cc creams. I remembered how I had originally purchased the #3 shade and it was not too light but light enough that it didn’t work with my neckline but that I also loved the texture and coverage. I replaced it with a new shade and it ended up being the perfect match to mix with both my cc creams! I get compliments all the time. I share my secrets!

After trial and error I think my favorite foundations so far are the CT magic foundation  and the Koh Gen Do moisture foundation. Im always so dry, I have pore issues and from time to time acne so the bb creams dont do enough the cc creams are great but I need that mix of foundation to perfect it. So I mist my beautyblender with the Mario Badescu rosewater then blend the juice beauty cc (a darker shade called warm glow i think) and mix 1-1/2 pumps of Charlotte Tilbury magic foundation. Every one and their brother were like what makeup is that you’re glowing and Im like Juice beauty cc and this bottle of magic foundation #4. Next on my foundation wishlist is the Kevyn Aucoin stuff but..I do see myself purchasing another bottle of magic foundation. You know you love it when you carry that bottle in your purse! I will be using the long q-tip to get out what little is left from the bottle- Thank you Charlotte!

Koh Gen Do Heaven!

Randomly my cousin asked me what I wanted. I had a couple things on my mind like foundation, makeup removers and a good deep conditioner. I thought about how selfish that would be so I told her I’d like one koh gen do cleansing wipe you know the 10 sheet pack…she instead gets me this special multi pack version and I was like 40 sheets? My mind was blown and I was feeling guilty but this may be the best gift someone has given me aside from the Japanese version of the barbie doll…which I cried when I got..it was called Timote? I dont know how its spelt but I can pronounce it.

So I dont have to purchase makeup wipes for the next month plus and my skin feels great before I sleep when Im lazy(i do promote double cleansing but I have my moments) Dont know if she got the wipes at Amazon or what but it is truly magnificent the thick open and close thing making me know its truly sealed so i dont have to worry it’ll dry. Inside it was this peel like japanese sauce thick pull with your finger pealing thing.  If someone asks me what I plan to purchase in Japan? Koh Gen Do wipes..the big pack!

Ofcourse, They Sell Out of Kevyn Aucoin.

The one time I remember I want to purchase Kevyn Aucoin foundation, they sell out of everything that could be considered my skin tone or close to it…Sephora—first its Kate Somerville(years ago)now its the one foundation I want to try! On the brightside looks like its good stuff so I almost wonder if I should ask for it as a birthday gift or Christmas gift. I would mix it with my Juice beauty cc cream. Heck at this point I would even buy that one in the jar..but that’s sold out in my shade too. Very sad about that…

That hourglass powder looks very nice, the drunk elephant set and that youth to the people selection…if anyone knows how great they are or if they’re not for dry/sensitive or combo skin…I’d love to know!

A Long April-Ready for May

This cold weather is tough on me. I am always so tired my feet are like ice and my hair is so dry and coarse and brittle on the ends. On a hunt for a really heavy duty recovery style conditioner. I read about Olaplex and I’m very interested in it.

You know you’re tired when you can’t remember when and how you passed out and went to bed. I wake up earlier than I want and I find myself forgetting to do simple things like putting conditioner on. Then I look over after hearing my dog howl at me and  realize I need to walk her. I’m like please let me wash my face, comb my hair and slap on some moisturizer and concealer baby–I miss being in my 20s I had less things I wanted to cover!

On a brighter note I’m slowly emptying out my overcrowded products off my sink area. I finally saved some money and bought one jar of face cream. I was debating to purchase something more oil-like but I went with a cream I sampled and enjoyed. I’ll write about that here soon. I’m pretty excited to see it! Also still debating if I want to make a purchase during the sale at Sephora but I’m running out of a couple things and replacing them before summer would be a good idea.


Long Overdue Vacation. Where to Book.

I’ve gotta get about 5 more things knocked out and I’m pretty much an open book for the rest of the year (my choice I could do other things but the stress wasn’t good for my health)so I’m thinking about throwing in another Japan trip or an island getaway. I always wanted to go to Guam. I was in journalism class my senior year and I went to this gathering in Tokyo and met this guy Corey from Dededo(spell check on that one) Guam and he convinced me it was great and I’ve thought about it ever since. Hawaii is on my mind too. I like their whole foods in the  Kahala mall area. Very laid back also great selection of delicious snacks and some cool beauty products.

This next trip I’m going on is going to be short and fun. I’m thinking like 3 days tops, I want to stop by cool hip eateries maybe even get a haircut. I’m not carrying anything with me but disposable stuff like samples the last trip made me realize how easy things could be if you carry less. I’m not into working out at a hotel I stay at but I do enjoy doing laundry because I hate traveling back with dirty laundry or shipping them its just bad.  I’m still debating if I should book a fancy hotel or not. I don’t really see myself staying in there long hours so maybe a 2-3star hotel works.




Contrary to what most my friends think, I am MOSTLY a bargain shopper. Some of my friends are like you know I only paid this for the shoes and I’m like don’t get me started on my latest purchase, girl! Most of the time I shop low priced items then purchase nice beauty items and haircare sometimes I’ll even purchase one nice piece of jewelry. I’d been shopping at TJMAXX, Ross(they carry Uggs now and you’ll pay exactly 1/2 the price so not little but way less than retail so if the boot was retailed at 150 you get it for $74.99 I lost my opportunity to purchase a gray pair insert crying emoji!) and Target for most of my clothes and occasionally I’d go to Walmart (yup)where I find really hip but hard to find tank tops and workout gear. I also go to find shocking makeup and nail items at Big Lots and buy in bulk…you wont believe what I’ve purchased  discontinued items from Revlon, some Maybelline…among other things. I never get my nails done and I barely eat out maybe i’ll eat out once a year twice a year tops. I found that the less I ate out, the healthier I was and it saves money! I went from this eat out 2,3 times a week latte drinking(I went to starbucks 3-4 times a week) online clothing shopping addict to who I am now. I like going to the discount stores and meeting hip girls and exchanging opinions I had one girl put this sequined tank around her and I go “if you’re not buying it I AM” and she goes “I’m buying it” You go to a fancy store and occasionally you get that nasty clerk who sees you then avoids you and that really irks me. The one good memory of a nice store was when my best friend and I went to a Nordstrom in the King of Prussia mall. Very nice employee and the three of us were like that shoe salesmen completely gapped us off when we said “can we try the Tory Burch flats” and she was like “you know he’s kind of a d—” or something and the three of us were like bwahaha.

So anyway here’s my highlight of TJMAXX, they sell brands like Tocca, and Bliss but you have to always go check them out because they sell out quick! I bought 2 of my body butters there for $14.99 the jumbo sized ones! They sometimes sell fancy jewelry for a fraction and I just bought my new wallet there! My mom purchased a pair of reading glasses from Celine. She just bought my 2 pairs of OPI polishes one called Do you Lilac it which is so pretty! The OPI polishes are sold for $3.99 each not bad since I pay about 10.50 or more elsewhere! You should definitely stop by to see what’s in at your TJ MAXX.



Drugstore Find: Nivea men Sensitive Shaving Foam

My dad used to go “why is it you’re now using shaving cream for men and fancy ones” I’d laugh and tell him I was always on the hunt for a decent one from a drugstore and that shaving cream for men/and generally ones for their face was more ideal for my dry and sensitive body. He’d be like “ok…” So I’d tried lots of drugstore ones, a couple fancy ones I really liked the Malin+Goetz shaving cream and the Ursa Major one…but I always wanted to cut budget where I could and find—this Nivea men sensitive shaving foam.

Lucky for me it was sold at a supermarket right by our house, and they carried the gel and cream version but I decided cream was more my thing. It is made in Germany I paid about $1.84 after discounts and I was like wait I feel so guilty the can is so big.

So here’s some of the cool points of the shaving foam

-it smells like the usual masculine cologne HOWEVER it isn’t as strong and doesn’t linger as much as some other brands

-it is gentle and feels soothing on the skin

-contains ingredients like vitamin e, chamomile, and witch hazel.

-after shaving I didn’t feel uncomfortable

I will be repurchasing once I run out.