I Finally Caved…but not without hesitation!

I finally got myself a tube of Sisley’s black rose mask. It was something I had to debate for almost a year or more. Probably from the time I first sampled it. The sad dry forehead gash between my eyebrows and upper nose was kind of an indication I needed some more antiaging hydrating treatments so I was like well all my budget for April is gone. Then randomly my mom is like “here’s your Ulta giftcard” and it was like music from the Vatican was playing around me.


Summing Up March.

It ended up being an emotional month but also the month I realized this whole downsizing thing can work. I have 3 moisturizers I’m almost done with(and I loved ’em all)and haircare that I’m almost done with. I think I have more hits and misses with haircare than I do skincare/makeup. I think when it comes to skincare/makeup I know when something is a no-go when my skin feels like its on fire. I had issues with a sunscreen or two, the famous recovery serum from a big brand which I wont name, and the popular skincare/spa brand’s cleanser that broke me out. Funny story if it doesn’t work for me most of the times it doesn’t work for my mother.

The one thing I noticed I want to improve is my pores I want them to be less obvious and the horrible gash like wrinkle that goes straight down inbetween my upper nose and brow area. I sometimes get lazy and let my skin get drier and it doesn’t help that line there. Yes, Emily Ferber that forehead wrinkle thing is my worst enemy too.

Reviewing Lipsticks!

Today I’m reviewing 3 lipsticks one a liquid version from Dior(the rouge Dior liquid lip stain), Giorgio Armani’s ecstasy shine, and Guerlain’s la petite robe noir lipstick.


The Dior rouge liquid lip stain comes in an elgant lip gloss type container the product is very much a stain because the staying power is very good. I must’ve rubbed it off and drank product for some time and the product was still faintly there. I’m talking a lot of scrubbing and drinking. The color I used was poison metal it was like a red-bronze brown darker shade. I realized I was not a stain person. So this one as much as I love other Dior products is a no-go for me. If you LOVE stains, it has staying power and with the color selection you may find something for you. Staying power and color selections are great so 3.5/5

Giogio Armani ecstasy shine I sampled this and absolutely loved it. There is a scent/taste to it that reminds me of the earlier edition of cover girl lip products which I loved its not over the top. If you’re sensitive to scents then it may not be for you. The texture, its creamy and glides on my lips and the color I used was #100 smile a mauve meets rose-brown I think its a universally flattering shade if you don’t like using red or darker shades. 4 out of 5.

Guerlain la petite robe noire lipstick I tried this lipstick in #002 pink tie. This out of all three of what I reviewed being my favorite. This lipstick comes in a very girly princess-y packaging which completely wins me over. The scent of this creamy, balm-y lipstick is like a floral meets fruity. I was a big fan of YSL sheer candy and its similar but to me better. Its thicker by a little than the YSL sheer candy which I like about it. Color was so cute even though it was brighter because its sheer enough. 5/5

Review: Bumble and bumble Don’t blow it Thick (H)air styler

My hair is past my shoulders now. The trimming helped it grow and I always feel like when its too long its limp but when its at my shoulders I want to do something with it without putting too much time. I was a big fan of the salt sprays but they have really dried my hair out and I came across this B&b tube while I was surfing Sephora. As you know

We have a real hip salon that carries b&b products so I bought the mini tube and let me tell you it is incredible. It doesn’t dry or tangle my hair next day hair looks incredible and it smells nice. So right now for me if I have the time I’ll straighten it but right now I dab on leave in cream + split end mender then a quarter size or less of the don’t blow it twist my whole hair into a bun leave it like that four hours, and hair looks so good. I’m purchasing the huge tube very soon.


No More Separation Anxiety.

I finally put my foot down and started throwing things away last week. I also started doing that thing Fergie said she did where she gives people stuff. I had extra samples or beauty products I knew I couldn’t really work for me that were practically brand new and people are always asking me for samples so I’m throwing them in a nice bag and debating who would get what because I’m great at guessing. I can tell who is a big hair-product kinda gal or lip product kinda person. I started shredding print outs, receipts, and looked at dates and start throwing out those things. Found out I had a tube of something that expired last year and the color had changed and it was bad.

I’ve decided to let most of my hair products run out before I get anything shampoo and conditioner wise so its going to be a good year.